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Locking Down Your Apple Gadgets from Children

GadgetWhether you simply want to stop children from accessing your Apple gadgets or you are concerned about un-authorised in-app purchases, we have the answers for you!

Stop unauthorised access of your gadget devices:

Stop all unauthorised access to your device by setting up a lock screen passcode. This will stop not only children from having unauthorised access but other unauthorised users from accessing the device without entering your pass code, take a look below to find how to set up a simple lock screen passcode:

Setting up a lock screen passcode:

Select the settings applications > Choose the Passcode section > Choose your pass code

To check it has worked correctly lock your devices screen and then unlock your screen, you should then be prompted to enter your pass code.

Lock your device to a single app:

Want to lock your device down so your child can only use one application? Take a look below for our simple step by step guide to lock your device down to a certain Application:

Setting up guided access on your Apple device:

Open the settings application > Open general > Choose accessibility > Select guided access > Enable guided access and set a passcode.

Now open the application you want to lock your device too and push the home button three times prompting the guided access screen to appear. Here you are able to lock down more sections of the application if required, once you have configured all the settings select the start option at the top right of the screen to enable a guided session.

To exit guided access push the home button three times and you will be prompted to enter your pin

Top tip - Make sure you take note of your passcode, as you will require this to gain full access of your device.

Stop unauthorised in app purchases:

Want to let your child have free reign using your device but are concerned about them racking up giant bills from in app purchases? Take a look below on how to reduce the chances of this happening:

Setting up restrictions which stop in app purchases

Open the settings application > Open general > Select restrictions

You will now be prompted to enter a pin to use when amending the restrictions settings, finally turn off in-app purchases.

Within the restriction setting you are also able to restrict further applications from being downloaded, block websites or the whole web and even only allow applications with set ratings to be downloaded.

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Date Created: 30/01/2016

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