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There are so many apps available out on the market for all different purposes, here is our helpful hints for which apps are the best for business use.


LinkedIn is a well-known business social network, aimed at keeping you connected to people in a career focused setting. The site provides you with the ability to create an online CV, and relies on other members endorsing your skills. The same applies for businesses, they can add themselves to the site and create new business links, follow industry leaders, join groups and increase exposure. The site works on the principle of six-degrees of separation. Once you have built up connections, you should be able to find the person or business you need by passing through your contacts connections. This also makes the service perfect for finding potential employees as you are able to see references from previous employers. Instant messaging is also available and with this feature you will quickly realise how powerful LinkedIn really is.


CamScanner will turn your phone into a portable scanner that gives you the ability to save documents as images or a PDF format. You can then organise files on the go, share them with colleagues via email, or store them in the cloud with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. You will no longer need to bother with multiple copies because files will be automatically synced across all of your devices.


MailChimp is an app that tracks your company's email marketing. The website allows you to create and send email campaigns, whereas the app is more of an analysis tool, used to check the data and figures. The app from MailChimp displays the percentage of people who opened and also clicked on emails, this data can be used to refine your next email campaign. The app will also allow you to view your mailing list information, the app also allows you to view new subscribers and those who have unsubscribed, as well as organing your contacts via groups or location.


CloudMagic is one of the top email clients available. The app supports up to five email accounts, and it works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAP account. The app will display your individual inbox for each of your separate accounts, along with a combined inbox to view all your mail. The app colour codes your accounts so it's easy to identify which account the message has come from. Where the app becomes a more business focused tool is in its ability to allow you to complete all your work right from the inbox.


CamCard is a great app for people who often meet and greet new clients or other business associates. The app is designed to help manage your business contacts using its main feature the card scanner. The app separates your business and personal contacts via the app, and it creates a separate address book, although the contacts are still saved and are findable without the app. CamCard uses the rear camera on your phone to take an image of a business card, then app analyses the image, extracts the text, and auto fills the content fields ready for you to save the new contact. If the contact you are saving has a CamCard profile with updated or more detailed information, CardCam will save the newer details into your address book. CamCard also allows you to send or receive contacts from others easily. You can also generate QR codes or find nearby contacts to exchange profiles with. With all of this functionality it's easy to say that this is one of the best business contacts apps available.


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Date Created: 28/01/2016

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