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What to do and not to do when travelling solo

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Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular for both business and leisure purposes. A solo travel trip can be a great way to make new friends, enjoy complete freedom and even take a trip of self-discovery. Whether you are a frequent solo traveller or it’s your first solo trip, take a look below at Questor Insurances solo travel tips:

Solo Travel Do’s

  • Solo TravelPack a game - Consider packing a small travel game, such as a packet of cards or a mini checkers set. Travel games can be a great way to make new friends while on the move or staying in shared accommodation.

  • Keep safe - When possible try to arrive at your chosen destination during daylight and stay in well-lit open areas.

  • Selfie time - Be sure to purchase a camera with a self-timer feature so you can take pictures which include you, these will be great to show everyone when you get back home!

  • Identification - Keep your identification packed in a safe place and don’t forget to pack a photocopy of your identification in a separate location.

  • Meet the locals - Mix with the locals and meet new people! You may even make some new friends, don’t forget to exchange contact details before you leave.

  • Keep in contact - Keep in regular contact with home. There are many mobile applications which help reduce communication costs while abroad including Skype, social media and other mobile messaging applications.

  • Local and emergency contact numbers – Store important local numbers e.g. the hotel number and emergency contact numbers in your phone before you jet off.

  • Trust your own instincts – Always trust your instincts, if something doesn’t feel right, leave!

  • Enjoy yourself – Finally and most importantly enjoy yourself and embrace your travels.


Solo Travel Don’ts

  • Back packingDon’t leave your drinks unattended - Never leave your drinks unattended, even when just popping to the bathroom. Drink spiking is rare but it does and can happen.

  • Don’t over pack – The more you pack, the more you have to carry. If you’re wondering whether to pack that extra pair of socks and spare t-shirt, you probably won’t need them. We advise taking some spare cash for a launderette just in case, but by packing less you have some room for souvenirs.

  • Don’t be the tourist – Tourists can often can be a target for crime and scams, when possible put away your guide books, research local customs and avoid wearing clothing which relate specifically to your home country.

  • Don’t overindulge – Stay alert and in control during your travels. Avoid overindulging in alcohol and putting yourself in dangerous situations.

  • Don’t run out of cash – Manage your cash carefully during your trip, there is nothing worse than being away and running out of cash on the second day of your holiday.

Like to travel solo? Let us know your travel tips by tweeting us @QuestorIns. Before you set off on your adventure make sure you’re covered with comprehensive travel insurance, for your free quotation click here or contact us on 0333 323 0090 (Travel cover only available for trips up to 31 days) 

Date Created: 08/09/2015

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