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Our three photography location suggestions for 2016

GlobeAt Questor Insurance we love photography and travel especially when the two are entwined. Take a look below at some of our top photography locations for 2016.

Old town Havana, Cuba - The city was built with a 17th to mid-18thcentury classic flair. Travelling to Havana is like stepping back in to a timeworn America, with some shedding colonial Spanish buildings, narrow paved boulevards whose pastel shades of eroded greens and blues, rustic lemon yellows enrich the charisma of the city to create a photographers paradise. Capture the street wanderers, drifting cigar smoke, rum and salsa, musicians and locals. Of course there are the famous buildings within old town Havana, such as the Plaza Des Armas based along a route, lined with shops, hotels, and performers or the Malecon avenue that runs along the sea wall providing entertainment and nightlife for the run down city. Check out the El Capitolio and the Cathedral De San Cristobal for more structured picture opportunities that contradict the relics of Old Town Havana.


Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey - Photographing an ethos by its surroundings perfects a picture. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the perfect place to capture a labyrinth of streets full of charm and ablaze of colours. A photographic buffet that encompasses an array of jewellery, glass mosaic lighting, tea sets and metal ware, hookahs, leather goods, ornately painted ceramics, textiles and so so so much more. Be sure to stay and seize the chaotic scene as the day progresses.

Holi Festival

Holi Festival, India – The festival of love or otherwise known as the festival of colours is the most anticipated celebrations in the Hindu calendar. There are so many stories behind this great festival in different parts of India, which is an adding contributor to why these festivals are a great moment to capture in your film roll. People flood the streets of their towns and villages celebrating with traditional dances and music wearing white robes armed with an incredible collection of dye and powder bombs, water pistols and all manner of chromatic weapons. Take the time to shoot from a vantage point where you can shoot crowds from above as you’ll need to keep changing your lens due to being blasted with coloured powder in the heart and excitement of it all. Although don’t forget to experience the festival and take a time out from shooting as it really is something to remember.

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Date Created: 03/09/2015

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