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Travel Sickness costing thousands in missed flights

SickenssA survey recently conducted by has found that as many as 63% of travellers get sick or are unwell while on holiday, resulting in them spending up to 21% extra while away than they would have. Some of the most popular illnesses to affect people while they are on holiday include sun burn, heat stroke, motion sickness, allergies and food poisoning.

At Questor Insurance we know how precious every moment on holiday is, take a look below for our top tips on reducing your chances of becoming unwell while on holiday.

Top tips of reducing your chances of becoming ill on holiday

  • Research your travel destination and make sure you have all the required vaccinations
  • Take Anti-malarials when traveling to high risk Malaria destinations
  • Wash your hands frequently (use a hand sanitizer gel if necessary)
  • Wear sun cream and protect yourself from the sun
  • Stick to drinking bottled water
  • Boost your immune system with a daily multivitamin
  • Keep hydrated
  • If you suffer from motion sickness visit your GP or local pharmacy for anti-motion sickness medication
  • Take care when choosing meals, if you have a sensitive stomach familiar food may be the option for you!
  • Relax! – Too much stress can cause illness

Why not tweet us your top tips of reducing your chances of becoming unwell on your holiday to @QuestorIns. Heading off on your summer adventure? Make sure you’re covered with travel insurance which meets your needs, click here for your free quotation or contact us today on 0333 323 0090.


International Travel & Health Insurance Journal – August 2015 - Issue 175
Survey conducted by: Transderm Scop Transdermal Therapeutic System

Date Created: 29/08/2015

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