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Which Ice lolly suits your personality?

Ice Lolly

Have a go at our just for fun quiz and find out which ice cream or ice lolly suits your personality. Simply choose the most appropriate answer to each question – don’t forget to keep a score as you go!

1. What type of holiday do you prefer?

a. It has to be action packed 4
b. The mountains are my home 3
c. Relaxing in the sunshine or beside the pool 2
d. A local retreat in the countryside 1
2. It’s time to pack! What shoes are you most likely to choose?
a. A few pairs of flip flops will be just perfect 2
b. You mean I have to choose? I’m taking a pair for every occasion! 3
c. Something flat and comfortable 4
d. Will the hotel provide slippers? 1
3. To pack the laptop or leave it at home?

a. Don’t be silly, the laptop is staying at home! 4
b. I might take the tablet to catch up on my soaps 3
c. It’s packed but only for emergencies 1
d. How else will I know everything is ok back at the office 2
4. When on holiday, where are you most likely to be found?

a. By the poolside soaking up some rays 2
b. Reading a book on a beach or somewhere relaxing 1
c. Chatting to the local barman trying to get free drinks 3
d. Find me? I don’t sit down long enough to be found 4
5. Oh no! I’ve forgotten the ... What item are you most likely to forget to pack?

a. The sun cream 1
b. It’s always the earphones 4
c. Lip balm 2
d. Travel charger, why can’t they all just be the same 3
6. While on holiday what are you most likely to use your phone for?

a. Catching up with the family back at home             1
b. Taking lots of photos 3
c. Checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 2
d. I only packed it in the event of an emergency 4


Time to add up your scores!!!

  • 6-12: Mr Whippy

    You prefer the more traditional ice cream such as the sea side classic Mr Whippy or a tasty Cornetto

  • 13-15: Magnum

    Loving style and fashion the Magnum is just right for you! The only big decision now is which type of chocolate.

  • 16-18: Fab

    The mixture of lolly, chocolate and a dash of sprinkles are just perfect for your outgoing and fun personality

  • 19-24: Fruit Flavoured Ice Lolly

    You love anything adrenaline fuelled and action packed, that’s why Fruit Flavoured Ice Lollies suit your personality, something which tastes good but ultimately cools you down.

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Date Created: 14/07/2015

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