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Wherever you go, take your manners!


Meets and Greets - A firm handshake is used to greet someone in Turkey, friendly and respectful. If meeting more than one person (e.g. a group of people) be sure to greet the eldest in the group first. Respect for elders is a key value to those in Turkey!

Holiday PackingNo stressing, dressing - As the majority of the Turkish population are Muslim, it is important to respect their values and beliefs by covering up! Now I'm not saying go out and buy yourself a hijab if you're due for a holiday in Turkey... Just consider the culture and values of those resident there, respect by covering up. A pair of jeans, a long sleeved top/jumper and a killer pair of shoes should be fine, think smart/casual...


Meets and Greets - Australia keeps it casual. A handshake and smile makes the best greet in Australia, visitors should follow with “Hello” or “Hello, how are you?”. Remember the saying “smile and the world smiles with you” This greeting shows respect and friendliness rolled into one simple greet. First impressions do count remember!

No stressing, dressing - As with greetings, Australia likes to keep things casual with the dress code also. Pack with your activities in mind, if you're going to be visiting beaches, casual beachwear is a must! If you're going to be visiting family/friends, what might you do with them whilst there? Pack to suit your own personal needs, it’s all about being casual.

New Zealand

Meets and Greets - Just like their neighbours, a handshake and smile makes the best greet in New Zealand. Be sure to address people with their title and surname until they are comfortable with you and address you on a first name basis.

No stressing, dressing - Again like their neighbours, casual wear is acceptable. As New Zealand's weather can be unpredictable, pack a little something to suit every weather condition, just in case! The hotter season is between November and March, the colder season being between April and October. Think about the time you are visiting, what would you wear at home in the hot weather? Light tops, shorts and sandals? What about in colder weather? Warm jumpers, long sleeves, full length bottoms and boots? Be prepared by packing one or two warm outfits if travelling in the colder months, or colder suited outfits for travelling in the warmer months, that way the weather can’t catch you out!


Meets and Greets - Germany likes to keep things formal, a quick firm handshake and addressing people by their title and surname shows formality and respect when visiting Germany.

No stressing, dressing - Much like in Turkey, you need to be thinking, smart casual. Depending on what time of the year you visit, determines your recommended wardrobe, providing the things you wear suit the climate and make you look acceptable, you’ll be fine. Remember Germany tends to be very cold during the winter, dress for the weather, as well as the people!


Meets and Greets – When meeting someone for the first time in Qatar you should shake their hand, ensuring you use your right hand. Analyse each person when greeting, as some women will not shake a males hand until they are fully acquainted.

No stressing, dressing –Qatar holds strict expectations of dress even for tourists. When traveling to Qatar avoid wearing tight and revealing clothing, items which are considered disrespectful include dresses, shorts and leggings, the best method to follow is ensure your shoulders and knees are covered.


WaiMeets and greets – When in Thailand it is important to greet each other using the Wai. To complete the Wai you should raise both hands, join your palms with your fingers pointing upwards and place your hands at a level between your chest and head while making light contact to your body.

No stressing, dressing – Thailand has no rules on dressing, however choosing to wear clothes which show respect towards the Thai culture will be appreciated by the locals. When dressing for Thailand have in mind smart casual clothing e.g. shirts/ t-shirts with collars, knee length dresses and no flip flops!

It is important to remember culture around the world is developing and changing all the time. Therefor when traveling to a new country take note of the local’s behaviour and dress etiquette!

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Date Created: 27/06/2015

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