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Top money saving tips when moving home

Removal VanIt is alleged that the 3 most stressful things to do in a lifetime is to get married, have a baby and move home.  Here at Questor Insurance we have experience of all 3!  In this blog find hints and tips on how to save money when moving home.

Statistics show that a person on average moves home 8 times in their lifetime.  Whether you are ‘average’ or indeed make more or less moves than the predicted 8, it is worthwhile finding out how you can save some money.


Before you start making up boxes, ringing for quotes for removals and any other prep for the big day.  Take a deep breath and declutter your current home.  Anything you don’t need or aren’t planning on using in the next home, should not make the move. 

In the long run it could cost you money, as you are likely to need packaging to transport it and also it will either increase your quote from removal companies or will take up valuable space in your van, possibly meaning extra trips! 

Why not set yourself a challenge and try and sell some of it.  You could put it towards the cost of moving or buying something new for your new home.

Removal Companies

If you can’t face the thought of moving yourself and are opting for a company to do your removals for you, then make sure you shop around.  Check what is included in the price, if there are any hidden extras and also if you are liable for any cancellation charges should your moving date change.

Likewise check out their insurance levels; they are moving your valuable items, make sure they have adequate insurance to cover such items should anything happen to them in the move.

Another top tip – book your removal company early.  Some increase prices closer to date as there is an increase in demand, therefore are able to charge more.

Hiring a Van

If you are up for the challenge, hiring your own van and moving yourself is certainly cheaper than using a removal company.  Before booking your van, think about what you need to move; are any items really tall?  Do you need a tail lift?  How wide is the road you are moving from and to?  Planning is key as you can’t get it wrong on the day, plan what you are moving in what order.  If you need help from others, schedule those items when people are about to help.

When you hire a van you are likely to be liable for the excess on the insurance for the van.  Why not take out an excess insurance policy to cover this cost?  The last thing you need is an unexpected bill from the rental company at the end of your busy moving day!  Prices start from as little as £5.99 per day.

Packaging and Boxes

Don’t spend a fortune on bubble wrap, boxes and containers, you will be surprised what people have that they are willing to give or lend.  Ask friends and family to save anything suitable weeks in advance, you will be surprised how much you actually need.  Also why not post a wanted ad online, there maybe someone who has just moved that can pass all of their materials on to you. 

Likewise, don’t take your bits to the dump when you have unpacked in your new home, why not ‘freecycle’ and pass onto another fellow mover?!

Do you have some other money saving tips you’d like to share with us?  Tweet us @QuestorIns we’d love to hear them!

Date Created: 17/04/2015

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