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Questors Top Wearable Gadgets

Gadget GlassesAt Questor Insurance we love new technology and are excited by the increase of wearable gadgets and technology now on the market. Technology, just like fashion accessories can be used to display tastes and enhance a style, while giving their technological rewards. Take a look below at our top wearable gadgets which will not only make you look great but keep you up to date with the techy trends.

Wearable USB items:

Many companies are introducing multi-purpose USB storage devices, which not only store your data but look great. Some examples which can be found on online stores are pretty necklaces with inbuilt folding out USB devices, cufflinks which double up as USB storage pens and funky bracelets which can be unclasped to reveal a USB storage connector.

Fitness Trackers:

There are many devices on the market intended to track and monitor fitness for all types of budgets and needs, with prices ranging from £39.00 to above £200. Take a look below at some of our best fitness tracking finds suitable to use with most Android and Apple phones:

  • Fitbit Zip Fitbit produce a number of fitness tracking devices with prices ranging from £39.99 - £99. If you are on a budget but still looking for a great fitness tracking product the Fitbit Zip has a starting price of £39.99. The Fitbit Zip clips on to your clothing and monitors daily steps taken, number of calories burned and the distance you have travelled.
  • Withings Pulse 0x
    Withings have a range of fitness tracking equipment including a selection which look just like a designer watch! The Withings Pulse 0x  has a slightly higher price starting at £99.99 and is perfect for those wanting a little bit more when tracking their fitness. The Pulse 0X has ample battery lasting for an average of 2 weeks, counts the number of steps taken, monitors your heart rate, sleep pattern and oxygen levels. The Withings Pulse 0x also uses the collected data to create funky reporting graphs to track your health and fitness.

Gadget Eyewear:

With Google glass no longer on sale many manufactures have brought out similar devices and glasses which have technological features. Take a look below at some of the gadget glasses available to buy:

  • Recon Jet
    Recon Jet is a pair of glasses specifically designed for sports lovers, giving high quality polaroid sports eyewear with a techy twist. Recon Jet displays non obstructive messages across the colour wide screen display, keeping wearers up to date with their performance stats and smartphone notifications. The device is also packed with extra features and functionality including a HD camera, microphone and GPS. The perfect must have for all serious cyclists, triathletes and runners!

  • Glass Up
    Glass up is a fantastic pair of gadget glasses which allows you to control your smartphone apps and gives you real time notifications from your smartphone. Glass Up is easy to connect to any smartphone using a straight forward blue tooth method. Applications have been developed which integrate directly with Glass Up in the following categories; education, fitness training, sightseeing, games and travelling.

Smart Watches:

Smart Watches not only provide the time but can be integrated to a user’s smartphone giving useful notifications and alerts. With an increasing range to choose from, smart watches are becoming a popular trend among smart phone users. Take a look below at some of the smart watches available to buy:

  • Pebble
    With a starting price of £99 the Pebble Smart Watch allows users to receive a range of notifications including call, text, email and Facebook direct from their smartphone.  There are also applications which can be installed on the user’s smartphone which will enable the device to monitor sleep, track fitness and customise the screen. Added benefits of the Pebble include having a 7 day battery life, being water resistance and compatible with both Apple and Android handsets.

  • Samsung Gear S
    The Samsung Gear S is a stylish smart watch with a starting price of £329. The device allows users to receive notifications and alerts from their smartphone as well as featuring an onscreen keyboard allowing the user to respond to notifications. The Samsung Gear S has the added benefits including applications to aid navigation, create tasks lists and personal fitness monitoring.   

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Date Created: 09/03/2015

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