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Where to spend the longest day of the year

Top 9 Midnight Sun experiences in Norway:

Midnight Sun Norway“The midnight sun is also known as the polar day. It can be compared to a twilight or sunset. The brightness is reddish-yellow with a brilliant soft, low radiance in the sky. The season for experiencing the midnight sun varies depending upon how close to the Arctic Circle you are. June and July are the peak periods”

1. The North Cape - The midnight sun is spectacular here. Whilst the view from the coast can sometimes be foggy in summer, the view of the horizon is panoramic and sets the perfect stage for a lightshow on a clear day.

2. The Svalbard Islands - On this archipelago the sun does not set between late April and late August. Despite its isolated position in the Arctic Sea, Svalbard is getting more and more popular with tourists due to its dramatic nature. A hike in the Svalbard mountains can also include encounters with local polar bears, so make sure you are accompanied by a tour guide. Glacier walks and dog sledging are also bookable modes of travel under the midnight sun!

3. Bodø - Bodø is a seaside city of about 50 000 inhabitants, where you can experience the night light around midsummer; typically between 2 June and 10 July. Warning: tourists searching for an early night, may find it hard to get to sleep!

4. Tromsø - A compact city of 60 000 people that offers urban attractions, from restaurants, hotels, spa, university, a brewery and lots of charming architecture. You will not miss Polaria if you head towards the waterfront, it is just five minutes from the town centre and the building resembles huge white ice blocks that have collided into the shoreline. They house an arctic aquarium and large screen cinema where you can watch movies about the Northern Lights

5. The Lofoten Islands - This picturesque group of islands off the coast offers an amazing taste of the Norwegian fjords. Island hopping is an ideal way to experience the dramatic surroundings.You can visit Lofoten by car or bus and there are bridges and ferries connecting the small, traditional fishing islands with each other. Why not play a round of golf at Lofoten Golf Links at midnight without artificial lighting? Or night hike up a local mountain and enjoy the clean spring water to be found at the peak?

6. Hammerfest - If you make it this far north, congratulations! The journey was worth it and the midnight sun shines throughout the summer months. Actually the sun almost never sets during this time. It is quite different from the southern parts of Scandinavia and complements the midnight sun experience. The contrast between reindeer wandering in the wilds of Finnmark and the nearby city of Hammerfest make this a worthwhile destination.

7. Hurtigruten - Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage) starts out in Bergen and takes you across the Arctic Circle to Kirkenes in Finnmark closely following the coast of Norway over a distance covering some 2,500 miles. You can take the entire cruise or hop on and off like the locals between coastal stops on your journey further north. Aim for the more northern ports to make sure you see the northerly sun lighting up the fjords, mountains and coastal cities

8. Andenes - The town of Andenes on Andøya Island, the most northerly of the Vesterålen islands, offers a convenient vantage point for experiencing the light at night. The cape of Vesterålen has sandy beaches where you can take a dip in the ocean, providing you can handle bracing temperatures that will get your blood racing! Andenes is the home for Norway's rocket launching community at their Space Centre. 

9. Stø - Whale and seal safaris embark from this tiny old fishing village where you can take a night boat to experience the midnight sun while seeing these majestic sea creatures play. Because of the deep, cold water currents of the Bleik Canyon, large plankton blooms float to the surface and this supports a wide variety of marine life, including: seals, whales and birds. This region is the home of many thousands of birds and you can take a guided bird-watching trip, also of course, at night.

Summer Solstice (Midsummer) Top 5 places to spend the longest day of the year:

1. Finland

2. Sweden

3. Norway

4. St Petersburg, Russia

5. Stonehenge, England


Date Created: 05/06/2015

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