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Travel tips for Couples

Traveling with your partner can be incredibly romantic, making it easy to get wrapped up in your own bubble of public affection. Some counties especially Eastern and Muslim have strong beliefs about the behaviour of couples, some even having laws to take note of! Take a look below at some of the do’s and don’ts when traveling abroad:

ThailandHolding Hands

In Thailand holding hands with your lover is tolerated, however anything more is not accepted. Even sharing a kiss in public is considered disrespectful and is frowned upon. When visiting Thailand it is also important to take note of some of their cultural beliefs, this includes do not point with your feet or touch anything with them this includes resting them on a chair. In Thailand a person’s head is considered sacred as it is believed this is where ones spirit resides, therefor it is considered rude and offensive to touch anybody’s head.


In many parts of India public displays of affection are a punishable offence resulting in up to 3 months imprisonment and fines. This is due to legislation prohibiting people from committing any obscene act which burden the public. Many local Indian couples will not even show affection to each other in front of their parents, as it is considered disrespectful and frowned upon.

The United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates it is important to be aware that is it illegal to share a room with someone of the opposite sex if you are not closely related or married, this is due to religious beliefs. However many tourist hotels in in Dubai  allow tourist’s to share a room, couples should still take note of laws in Dubai prohibiting couples from kissing and even holding hands in public.

Tourists need to be careful when taking holiday snaps, as in the United Arab Emirates as it is illegal to take pictures of some governmental buildings, military buildings and people without permission. Taking an illegal picture can result in prosecution and fines, to avoid this always ask permission before taking a photo.

Other countries which it is it best to avoid large public displays of affection include

  • Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • Guatemala
  • China
  • Malaysia

Extra Hints and Tips for when traveling abroad

  • Make sure you dress in a way which is courteous to a countries couture, it is respectful for both men and women to wear clothing which covers your shoulders and knees in Muslim countries
  • When entering a mosque or place of worship remember to remove your shoes and ladies cover your hair
  • It is important for same sex couples to research the destination they are traveling to, as in some countries people of same sex relationships are not socially acceptable.  

It is important to know the etiquette and traditions of a country in order to get the most out of your visit. Before travelling abroad always check the FCO website for travel advice and do some research on your chosen destination! This can save you from upsetting the locals and in extreme cases from being arrested for behaviours which you are legal in your home country.

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Date Created: 11/02/2015

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