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Looking after your gadgets!

Gadgets are now integrated in to every part of our daily lives and can leave us inconvenienced and with hefty bills if they are lost or damaged, take a look below at some of our top tips to help you protect your gadgets.

Loss and Theft:
Loss or theft of a gadget can be a distressing time, see below for our list of ways to help prevent your gadgets from being lost or stolen: 

  • Take note of your Mobile IMEI number, mobile providers and local authorities can use this number to stop unwanted use of a lost or stolen device.>
  • Have a password or a secret key on your device so strangers are unable to access your device – Apple have a function which allows users to have all personal data removed from the device after 10 unsuccessful password attempts. 
  • When in public keep your gadgets out of sight – there are even cases and sleeves available to purchase which disguise your gadget!
  • There are many apps available to download which can help determine the location of a lost or stolen device.
  • Finally when out and about always keep watch of your gadgets and never leave them being looked after by a stranger.

Accidental Damage:
Accidental damage of a gadget can affect its value, look and usability below are a few simple steps which can help minimise the chances of you damaging your gadget:

  • Buy a case or sleeve, there are many which help protect your phone and can give it some personality at the same time.
  • To stop scrapes and chips on the screen don’t forget to purchase a screen protector, there are even screen protectors available for tablets. Top Tip never put your phone in the same pocket as your keys!

Water Damage:
Below we have put together a few tips to help minimise your chances of water damage to your gadgets:

  • Do not use your gadgets outside in bad weather.
  • Avoid using gadgets in the bathroom.
  • Place your gadget or phone in a waterproof container or waterproof plastic food bag if it may rain – sealable bags can be especially useful for cyclists or runners.

If your phone has unfortunately been damaged by water follow the below steps:
(We cannot guarantee successes with this method however it may help to minimise damage to a gadget in the event of an emergency.) 


  1. Do not try to turn your phone on
  2. Do not dry the phone using a heat related source such as a hair dryer
  3. If possible remove the phones battery and any cards in the phone
  4. Fill a sealable container with uncooked rice and submerge your phone
  5. If possible store the container in a warm location
  6. Wait a full 48 hours before turning the phone back on (if the phone is still wet wait longer)

At Questor we understand that sometimes no matter how hard you look after your gadgets sometimes disaster is unavoidable, that’s why we have put together our gadget cover to put your mind at ease. 

Don’t forget to tweet how you take care of your gadgets to @questorIns

Date Created: 12/01/2015

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