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A guide to Italy ZTL Zones

What are ZTL zones?

A Zona a Traffico Limitiato simply translates to a Limited Traffic Zone, these zones are located in busy city centres such as Florence, Rome, Milan and Pisa to try and alleviate traffic and pollution in busy areas.

Driving through a ZTL zone

Driving through a ZTL zone will land you with an automatic fine, and you could receive more than one fine if you enter more than one unknowingly without the relevant permit. The cameras within the zone will register your vehicle's registration and will contact the rental company requesting your details, as the driver at the time of the incident. The rental company will pass on the fine and your details to the police for them to issue you with the ticket. It’s likely the rental company will add on an administration charge, known as a ‘Traffic Violation Fee’ for this process as well.

Due to the steps involved and the different organisations, this process often takes a long time, and you may not be notified until a few months have passed. Always check the dates and times of the fine against your rental agreement to ensure they match up.

ZTL fines are usually around 50 Euros plus the administration fee from the rental company.

Italy ZTL sign

Avoiding the ZTL zones

The majority of the local drivers will have passes that would allow them to pass through ZTL zones without incurring a fine. It’s unwise to follow cars into the ZTL thinking everything is okay as you will still incur the fine.

There are many fluctuations in the ZTL zones as the regulations are determined individually by each city and they are subject to change. Don’t be tempted into trusting your sat-nav as GPS systems do not include ZTL boundary information, your sat-nav will simply calculate the shortest route to your destination and you could innocently find yourself crossing into multiple ZTL zones incurring numerous fines.

The best way to explore urban areas

Italy has excellent public transport, and you should consider making use of it to explore the cities sights rather than travelling by car. Italy’s cities are a hotbed for tourism and there is an abundance of public parking in the outskirts of the city or close to the city’s train stations.

If you are thinking of exploring Italy on the open road, make sure you are fully protected against any unexpected damage charges at the rental desk. We can cover the excess on your rental from as little as £2.99 per day with our car hire excess insurance.  

Date Created: 20/10/2021

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