Winter Travel Essentials

Taking a Ski trip is a popular fun packed family idea this winter, so whether you’re heading to the Alps or up to the Scottish Highlands, here are some of our tips to help you along the way to make your trip all the more enjoyable.

Skiing travel tips

  • Pack lots of socks and pants, layers keep you warm, and it’s always ideal to have spare!
  • Also include more than one pair of thermals to wear under your ski wear.
  • A flask, this will save you money instead of stopping at cafés for hot chocolates!
  • Sun tan lotion, yes sun tan lotion. Despite the typical freezing whether associated with a ski trip it is still possible to get sun burn, as the sun will reflect of the snow and you might end up with some ski goggle tan lines.
  • Oh and don’t forget some sun lotion lip balm to prevent chapping!
  • It can be an idea to wear your ski jacket and boots during the flight, this makes packing lighter and easier meaning you won’t be shivering the second you set foot out of the plane!
  • Don’t forget those travel adaptors for the hairdryer, straighteners and curlers. It may be a skiing trip but sometimes girls still want to look good (and of course to charge your phones). Why not purchase our Gadget Insurance to protect your phone from any holiday related mishaps? That way you can document your holiday with all the beautiful snow with peace of mind.
  • When packing make sure to roll your clothes instead of folding, it’s also helpful to roll things such as underwear into a shirt in order to save space in your luggage.
  • And of course don’t forget the all-important ski equipment.

Lastly don’t forget to enjoy!

Date Created: 28 November 2016 by Harriet Campbell