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The World’s Most Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

CouplePlanning the perfect honey moon can be nearly as stressful as planning the wedding itself. There are so many destinations and activities to choose from when selecting a honey moon it can be easy to become overwhelmed with so many choices. Take a look below for some of the top luxury destinations to help you narrow down your destination list.

Aruba is a small Caribbean Island (20 miles long and 6 miles wide) located off the coast of Venezuela. The weather is warm all year round ranging from mid-twenties to thirties, however it is advisable to not plan your honey moon in the hurricane season. One of the advantages of Aruba is that with the intimate nature of the island you have the chance to experience calm waters, soft white sands and dramatic wild landscapes all within one beautiful island. if you enjoy getting close to nature and hiking? Make sure you visit Aroik National Park where you can explore abandoned gold mines, ruins and discover ancient painting and fossils.



Buzzing with culture and plenty of things to see and do, Jamaica is a popular honeymoon destination for many couples. Jamaica has something to offer for everyone, whether it be its tranquil tropical beaches, relaxing havens, or lively culture and parties there’s bound to be something that takes you and your partners interest. One of the most attractive things about Jamaica is its exciting and lively culture, from music, parties, dance and food Jamaican culture and traditions are found everywhere.

Jamaica is home to many romantic attractions and hotspots, some of the most popular include Dunns River Fall and Park, Glistening Waters, Hope Botanical Gardens, Island Routes Adventure, Mystic Mountain and Rockland Bird Sanctuary.



Looking for a luxury honeymoon with plenty to offer? Then look no further. Visit Greece or one of the many Greek Islands to have a truly memorable honeymoon. Greece boasts inspirational architecture, sun kissed beached, plenty of restaurants and plenty of activities all which will help make your honeymoon more magical. Greece is a highly sort after destination therefor we advise not visiting during the peak season months (mid-July to the end of August).

If you fancy a more private honeymoon destination take a look at some of the Greek Islands all of which have their own unique features. If you’re looking for a picturesque location with great views we recommend visiting either Santorini or Symi,Zakynthos is great for beaches and golden sands, Delos is great for couple who love culture and history and Crete is perfect for those foodies.



Mexico might surprise you in being one of the most romantic destinations to visit, however with its rich history, variety of cuisine, top rated hotels and plenty of activities to get involved in both relaxing and more adventures you might be pleasantly surprised. If you enjoy embarking on an adventure, we recommend snorkeling and scuba diving off Cozumelas well as enjoying a private picnic or dinner on the beach!


Can’t choose?

Can’t choose a holiday destination? Why not consider a luxury cruise, this way you will be able to visit a number of destinations all in one holiday. Select a cruise with an itinerary which matches both your interests, you may not wish to disembark at every stop however at least you will have the option to visit destinations which appeal to you both. Our top honeymoon cruise tip is to book a couple’s spa treatment or massage, make sure you you book early as couples massages sell out quickly!

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Date Created: 19 October 2016 by Kim Coppins


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