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What Makes a Great Ice Cream and Where to Find Them

IcecreamIce cream is great all year round, however visiting a great ice cream parlor can really make your holiday or day trip stand out. Ice cream was first consumed in China many years before being introduced to Europe. The original Chinese ice-cream recipe contained buffalo milk, flour and camphor. Today all around the world each country has its own variation of ice cream, toppings and the way it is consumed. Take a look below to find out what makes a great ice cream and where around the world you can find them:

Salt and Straw – Portland and Los Ageles

If you’re heading to America Salt and Straw will definitely tickle your taste buds. When it comes to flavors they really like to mix things up as well as introducing tantalising seasonal specials, you will never be short for choice. Some of the classic flavors offered in Portland include Honey Lavender, Pear and Blue Cheese, Chocolate Gooey Brownie and Stumpton Coffee & Burnside Bourbon. However, if you choose to visit a shop in L.A their classic flavors include Roasted Strawberry & Toasted White Chocolate, Black Olive Brittle & Goats Cheese and Avocado & Strawberry Sherbet.


Berthillon – Paris

Looking for a romantic ice cream with someone special? Why not visit Berthillon and experience luxury ice cream and sorbet in a range of flavors. After your ice cream you can enjoy the rest of your day in Paris spending time with your loved one and exploring the local attractions.


Gelato Messina — Australia

With stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Las Vegas you are bound to find one when travelling to Australia. Dislike process foods and additives? Gelato Messina only use raw and natural ingredients in the making process of their ice cream, their moto, is to make ice cream as it would have been done 100 years ago. They have a diverse range of over 40 flavors of which 5 specials which are changed weekly. If you happen to have a birthday while visiting, why not consider one of their ice cream cakes.


Gelupo - London

Visiting London or just fancy an ice cream on your way home from work? Visit Gelupo and experience Ice-cream at its finest. Carefully designing and testing each of its flavors in house Gelupo has featured in many magazines and newspapers as the best place to get Ice-cream in London. Flavors change on a regular basis however some of the most popular flavors include Lavender and White Chocolate, Tiramisu, Ricotta and Sour Cherry.


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Date Created: 01 September 2016 by Kim Coppins


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