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Keeping the children entertained during the summer months

ChildideaThe summer holidays are now upon us! For many this can result in plenty of stress and hours of planning. We want to take away the stress this summer by helping you plan some great activities for the whole family or even just the children so you can have some well-deserved you time. Take a look below at our top summer activities:

Camping in the garden
If you have the space, why not have a camping trip indoors or in your garden. Make the experience like a real camping trip by only using touches for lights, storing food in a cool box, singing camp songs and going for a nature walk. If you set up camp indoors you can even enjoy the luxury of watching a movie while being wrapped up in your sleeping bags. Most importantly make sure you have plenty of hot chocolate and snacks for the evening.

Bring out your inner artist
We all love arts and crafts, whether it be painting, drawing, making things or even playing with Playdoh the whole family can enjoy getting creative! At Questor Insurance our favorite Arts and craft activity is creating a picture or collage out of the resources found from exploring a nearby forest or countryside, some great items to pick up include pinecones, flowers, feathers and even pretty stones. Don’t forget to take pictures of your final works of arts.

Have the perfect picnic
Make the perfect picnic food for your own indoor or outdoor picnic. Make sure you get creative when making the food, by decorating thing and making artistic designs. Some of our favorite picnic food to make include, sausage rolls, pizzas, dips and veg sticks, fruit, cakes and even homemade bread rolls!

Mini Olympics
In light of the Rio Olympics beginning in August why not learn about the Olympics together! Once you have learnt all about the Olympics you can hold your own mini Olympics in the back garden or at a local park. Some great games you could play include; who can hula hoop the longest, skipping, obstacle courses, running and even an egg and spoon race, don’t forget to get crafty and make some medals for the winners!

Have an adventure
Take a day trip to a local attraction, you often don’t have to travel far or require a large budget to find a great attraction that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the best places to visit in the summer months include beaches, national parks, a local castle, a theme park or even a zoo.

As much as it can be tempting to make plans for every waking moment of the day to keep them entertained, it’s important to ensure there is still time available for children to be independent and grow their imaginations. The key to having fun and having the perfect summer holiday to remember is by keeping things relaxed and fun for the whole family (including you!).

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Date Created: 29 July 2016 by Kim Coppins