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Petrol Prices Begin To Fall

In the past two weeks petrol prices have fallen below £1 a litre mark, this is a staggering amount compared to the petrol prices for the past four years.

Supermarkets usually offer the cheapest prices for petrol, with Asda offering petrol at just 99.74p a litre, while Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s have both set costs at 99.90p a litre, Tesco is also offering petrol at less than £1 litre with prices currently at 99.91p, according to the AA.

Drivers are now paying around 3.64p a litre less than they did this time last month, this means that there is a an average of £2 a tank saving to be had. Though prices at some stations are still above £1 mark with Murco charging drivers 107.76p a litre and BP, Total, Texaco and Esso all charging more than 106p a litre.


Petrol price comparison by brand (pence per litre)

  •          Asda, 99.74p
  •          BP, 106.48p
  •          Esso, 106.88p
  •          Jet, 104.93p
  •          Morrison’s, 99.90p
  •          Murco, 107.76p
  •          Sainsbury’s, 99.90p
  •          Shell, 105.67p
  •          Tesco, 99.91p
  •          Texaco, 106.05p
  •          Total, 106.69p

         The UK Average, 104.37p



Date Created: 22 December 2015 by Rakim Asher


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