Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving tips

As the summer is coming to an end and the days are getting shorter, winter driving is once again upon us. Winter can pose many challenges for you and your car, even making you change the way you drive to adapt to the conditions. Take a look below at our top 10 tips for driving and looking after your car in the winter.

Top 10 Winter Driving Tips

  1. Check weather forecasts and road conditions before setting off on your journey, this is especially important for long trips
  2. Ensure all car lights are clean and working
  3. Guarantee visibility is at its maximum by filling up screen wash, cleaning windows and making sure window wipers are working
  4. When driving on snow or ice reduce your speed and avoid harsh breaking
  5. Fully charge your mobile phone before travelling
  6. Have winter tires fitted
  7. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes before setting off, to prepare the car and defrost any ice.
  8. If you are taking a long trip and the weather forecasts look threatening pack an emergency kit containing; blankets, first aid kit, torch, hazard warning triangle, de-icing equipment, extra clothing, water and food.
  9. Only travel if you have to during spells of bad weather
  10. Finally if you do break down or become stranded contact an emergency break down company.

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Date Created: 16 November 2015 by Kim Coppins