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National Hello Day

Hola, Bonjour, Hallo, Hello! November 21st is a day devoted to saying hello!

National Hello Day came about in 1973, when there was a conflict between Egypt and Israel. It is now used to recognise the importance of communication for upholding peace.Hello

How to greet in 10 different ways:

  • Spanish – Hola
  • Australia – G’day
  • England – Hello / Hi
  • France – Bonjour
  • Germany – Hallo
  • Finland – Hei
  • Brazil – Ola
  • Hindi – Namastē
  • Sweden – Hallå
  • USA – Hello/ Hi

So, how do you take part? It’s easy, just say hello to ten people! They could be your friends, family members, random people in the street or even people on social media, as long as you greet ten of them, you've done your bit!

The importance of communication is underestimated a lot these days, people seem to get wrapped up in their own lives and forget about the world, which is good while you're enjoying yourself, but at the end of the day friends are what make the world go round.

If we make a conscious effort to socialise with a few people on a daily basis, it would not only benefit us, but those with whom we are socialising with!

Communication is the only thing that can promote anything, and everybody wants, or should want peace! Take time today to say hello to 10 people, maybe one of which you are not so happy with, or they aren’t so happy with you? Try and make peace, if it backfires, you can always say, I only said hello because its hello day!

Hello from all of us at Questor Insurance! Why not say hello back to us with a tweet to @QuestorIns


Date Created: 21 November 2015 by The Marketing Team