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Five romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day 2017

Date Created: 16 January 2017 by Questor Insurance

Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, meaning it is ideally suited for a long weekend escape with your loved one. With low-season rates and fewer crowds, February can actually be the ideal time to sneak in that first great getaway of the year.

No matter how romantic you are, when it comes to travel and a holiday, there really is something out there for everyone.

New York

It may seem obvious but come 14 February there really is something for every kind of romantic in New York. Local museums offer a range of events, including star-gazing at the Hayden Planetarium, or you can sample the city’s best restaurants and bars instead.

For something a little more extravagant, you could visit the Bronx estate, overlooking the Hudson, where Wave Hill is hosting a classic chocolate and wine tasting event on Valentine’s Day.


The City of Love is the perfect destination for a romantic long weekend. You can take part in the five-mile Love Run, where partners are tied together at the wrist and have to face challenges along the way.

If you would rather keep things civilised then take in the scenery of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities before enjoying one of the city’s many hotels.


With its canals and bridges, Amsterdam can give Venice a run for its money when it comes to the ideal Valentine’s Day location. Private Boat Tours can offer you the chance to take in the unique architecture while local favourites Puccini Bomboni or Huize van Wely offer you the chance to pick up some speciality chocolates too.


Norway is home to one of Europe’s cosiest winter retreats, Lyngen Lodge, where you can snuggle up by the fireplace and enjoy delicious local cuisine. Or, if you would prefer something more adventurous you could always take to the slopes.


Rome is the home of beauty and art, so where better to spend your Valentine’s Day weekend? You can enjoy a visit to the Ponte Milvio Bridge and take part in the ritual which involves a couple locking a padlock – their token of love – to a lamppost set on the bridge, before throwing the key into the River Tiber.

If you’re planning a getaway this year, be sure to book your short-haul or long-haul travel insurance in advance.

Become an Affiliate

Date Created: 10 January 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

Own a website or blog? You could earn an extra income by becoming an affiliate of Take a look at the below article for an insight into becoming an affiliate.

Definition: An affiliate is someone who promotes a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on the sale when one occurs.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When you join an Affiliate Program suppliers provide you with a unique affiliate link that you will be able to use on your site, this link will track sales and issue any sale commission into your account. Many affiliate programs will offer content such as banners, eye catching text and other forms of creative copy. When interested customers on your site or blog click on the unique links from your site they get redirected to the suppliers site and if they purchase a product or subscribe to a service you as the affiliate/referrer will earn a commission.

Getting Started with Questor Insurance

It's simple!

  1. Click the sign up button on our affiliate page
  2. Complete the affiliate application form
  3. Await correspondence from our team
  4. Start promoting by using our banners and links from your personal Questor Insurance admin portal
  5. Get paid your affiliate commission around the 15th of every month

Why you should become part of our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is completely FREE to join and we have an in-house Affiliate Account Manager to manage our program, we will provide you with real time activity reports.

  • High commission rates
  • High conversion rates
  • We provide renewal commission
  • 365-day cookie life
  • Updated banners
  • HTML Email creative is available upon request
  • Unique content is available upon request
  • Keep track of your earnings as it occurs

The products we provide

  • Car Hire Excess Insurance
  • Motor Home and Campervan Hire Excess Insurance
  • Van & Minibus Hire Excess Insurance
  • Motor Excess Insurance for Private & Commercial Vehicles
  • Travel Insurance
  • Golfing Travel Insurance
  • Winter Sports Travel Insurance
  • Gadget Insurance - Phones, iPods, Laptops, Kindles, Sat Nav's & Games Consoles

The legal terms

Some sites aren’t quite so trustworthy, so we have to run a few checks about your company or blog before you’re approved on our Affiliate Program. We also issue you with a contract that you’ll need to sign and read, once the contact has been signed and returned we can then activate your account.  


Click Here to visit our affiliate page for more information or alternatively contact us in-house:


Telephone: 0333 323 0090

Volunteer tourism guidelines launched by ABTA

Date Created: 06 January 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

ABTA has launched the industry’s first comprehensive volunteer tourism guidelines, which have been designed to help travel businesses understand the issues and challenges that are involved for best practice in the programs they offer.

The new guidelines have been developed in consultation with a wide range of organisations, these include a variety of organisations including international travel industry and membership organisations. The guidelines aim to tackle bad practice and improve volunteer tourism standards throughout the travel industry.  

Volunteer tourism is a fairly new concept and has grown rapidly in the recent years with more than 800 companies worldwide offering volunteer tourism experiences, with 1.6 million trips being taken per year. While commonly seen as gap year activities between school and university, this only accounts for a third of all volunteering trips.

The association's Volunteer Tourism Guidelines build on the wide range of existing guidelines, with the goal of encouraging companies to reach high standards in the volunteering experiences they provide. Members are encouraged to use the new guidelines to evaluate whether the experiences they currently offer hold any risks and what they can do to work towards a better practice.

Frequently travel? Save money and time by purchasing a Questor Insurance Annual Travel Policy to cover all your travels. Click here for more information or contact us on 0333 323 0090 to speak to a member of the team.

Tips for driving in the fog

Date Created: 03 January 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

So you may be aware that the UK has recently had a lot of fog covering many areas, it’s safe to say that UK drivers are used to driving in the foggy conditions. Take a look below at a few tips that may come in useful for when you are faced with driving on a dull, foggy day.

What causes fog?

Fog is caused by moisture within the air forming very slight vapour drops, this occurs when the temperature decreases down to what is called the dewpoint. It’s likely that you will see mist or fog floating around on fields or rivers, this is because of lower ground temperature chilling the air.


  1. Reduce speed, if its foggy outside and you don’t have great visibility then it is advised to not drive fast. Keep an eye on your speed clock to make sure your speed is in accordance with the advised speed limit and your visibility. Thick fog can sometimes make you lose awareness of your speed, so it’s always a good idea to keep a close look on how fast you’re travelling.
  2. Keep your distance, fog can really reduce the visibility of vehicles that are in front of you. If the vehicle in front has to break suddenly it could take you more time to react due to the reduced visibility.  
  3. Does your car have automatic lights? Remember to check to see if your lights are on, as there could be the chance they may not automatically be on as the foggy conditions can sometimes confuse the light sensors.
  4. You must remember to not use full beam, this is because the fog reflects the light back causing the visibility to be even more reduced.


Want to find out more about a product or have a question regarding a policy? Click here to visit our FAQ page or contact a member of the team by email or call us on 0333 323 0090.

Where to spend New Year’s Eve in the UK

Date Created: 28 December 2016 by Rakim A Dixon

On New Year’s Eve the UK comes alive with many celebrations, parties and fireworks, so with New Year’s Eve only three days away why not make going into 2017 a special one by taking a trip to one of our top three UK destinations.


Many of us have seen London come alive on New Year’s Eve either on the TV or in person, there are so many celebrations to get involved with in London from small nightclubs to spectacular balls. Thousands of people flock the streets and banks of the Thames to watch the stunning ten-minute firework display that illuminates all around the London Eye. If you find yourself in London on New Year’s day, why not take the chance to watch the New Year’s Day parade which has over 10,000 performers.


The well-known city of Brighton is the party capital of the southern coast, Brighton is becoming more and more popular for a New Year’s eve destination, if you end up in Brighton on New Year’s eve you can expect to end up in one of the many nightclubs. Going to stay in Brighton for the night? Why not take a stroll down the pier on the first day of the new year, the pier has many activities along the way.


Many of us know Manchester to be a very lively city, there is no chance of missing out on some excitement on New Year’s Eve. The wonderful bright lights of Oxford Street will light up the city centre and there will be a wide range of venues to visit where you will be able to party all the way into the new year.


Going travelling in the new year and going to be hiring a car? Why not take out a Questor Insurance Vehicle Hire Insurance policy to protect the excess you may be liable for in the event of damages. For more info, Click Here.

Happy Holidays

Date Created: 23 December 2016 by Rakim A Dixon


A special greeting at Christmas Time to express our appreciation for your custom with us.
We send our thanks and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Please note our office has the following opening hours for the festive period:
Closing 5pm Friday 23rd December 2016
 Re-open at 9am Wednesday 28th December 2016
New Year
Closing 5pm Friday 30th December 2016 
Re-open at 9am Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Googles top holiday destination, as searched for by you

Date Created: 16 December 2016 by Questor Insurance

A lot has happened in 2016, so if you’re looking for an escape from an overload of Brexit and Bowie, you can always rely on Google.

The search giant has revealed the top ten trending travel destinations, defined by having a high number of search queries over a sustained period of time.

So what destinations were really popular in 2016?

While searches for Havana in Cuba peaked in March and were highest for Panama in April, the following five destinations have featured heavily among searches all-year-round.

1. Maldives

Known for its glorious white sandy beaches, overwater villas and for being a paradise for newlyweds, the Maldives is often considered as the ultimate holiday destination.

Fantasising over a trip to its luxurious overwater villas doesn’t seem to have eased either, with the once-on-a-lifetime destination topping Google holiday searches again in 2016 (it probably won’t be the last time either).

2. Malaga

Spain is massively popular among Brits – nearly ten million visited in July alone – and Malaga is often considered a home from home, especially with the high number of expats that live there.

Contemporary bars and cafes are popping up everywhere and have helped to make Malaga a brilliant destination to relax and enjoy a chilled Mediterranean vibe.

3. Tenerife

Sunny in the summer, and still sunny in the winter, the island is renowned as a great holiday destination all-year-round for Brits.

Given that flights to the Canary Island take around four hours, and that there are golden beaches, waterparks and nightlife all waiting to be enjoyed, it’s easy to see why it’s popular.

4. Edinburgh

Staying closer to home, the fourth location on the list is the picturesque Scottish capital. With its rich history, stunning architecture and many secret gardens just waiting to be discovered, the city is in easy reach for many.

The castle may dominate the skyline, but there are also numerous shops and other attractions to entertain, making Edinburgh ideal for a city break, a weekend away, or as basecamp for a longer holiday.

5. New York

Just as spectacular in winter as it is in summer, the American city has plenty to enthral and excite – from its huge department stores to its high rise buildings and historical monuments.

There’s enough museums, restaurants and bars to keep you interested for days on end, so although New York is great for a weekend city break, why cram it all in to such a short space of time?

Other top performers

Canada was also a popular search destination, with its national parks, ski slopes, wildlife and lively cities all attracting Brits.

Cape Verde, Florida, Fuerteventura and Mexico completed the top ten, with the latter growing in popularity massively in the last 12 months.

If you’re planning on going abroad in the coming months, be sure to organise your world-wide travel insurance in advance.

Revealed: The best airlines for each cabin class

Date Created: 07 December 2016 by Questor Insurance

With all passengers keen to get the best experiences when flying, airlines have been competing to ensure they come out on top.


Now has produced a list of what it says are the best in the business across the main four cabin classes – first class, business class, premium economy and economy.


Among the deciding factors were the space given to each passenger, the levels of innovation available in each class, alongside product and safety reviews.


So which airlines claimed the top five across the four categories?


First class


Etihad Airways took top spot, thanks in part to the concept of The Residence – a passenger’s very own hotel in the sky.


It’s common place for guests travelling in first class with the top airlines to experience a fine array of wines, a la carte dining and private suites.


Singapore Airlines took second while the entertainment-heavy offering from Emirates took third; with Qantas Airways and Cathay Pacific completing the top five for luxury travel.


Business class


The home of vast improvements in recent years, many airlines have opted to offer flat beds, privacy and locations to store laptops and computing equipment.


Virgin Atlantic’s business class offering was found to be the best, thanks to the spacious seating in the Airbus A330s and Boeing 777s in its fleet.


Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines claimed second and third respectively, with Etihad Airways and Qantas also in the top five.


Premium economy


Now more widespread on long-haul flights, the option is growing in popularity as it offers more legroom, faster check-in facilities and more food and drink options than regular economy.


Air New Zealand led the way in this class, with Airlineratings suggesting that they have found the balance between having the right products at the right price.


Qantas Airways took second with Virgin Australia in third, Virgin Atlantic in fourth and Singapore Airlines completing the set.




Even though rates are low, customers still expect a certain level of quality and is best offered by Singapore Airlines, according to the rankings.


The airline has always been a leader in the class according to the results and constant innovation has kept it at the top of the pile.


Korean Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific Airways and Qantas completed the top five for economy class travel.


British Airways appeared twice in the rankings, taking seventh spot for first class travel and tenth for Premium Economy class.


If you’re planning a trip overseas in the coming year, be sure to organise your specialist travel insurance in advance.

Making Your Motor Insurance Cheaper

Date Created: 04 December 2016 by Rakim A Dixon

The cost of motoring insurance continuing to rise, the latest car insurance price index reveals a year-on-year price increase of 17%, below are some ideas that may help towards a lower insurance premium.

Consider taking a pass plus course

Once you have passed your driving test it will mean you are now legally allowed to drive on the road. Driving courses like Pass Plus can sort out any habits you’ve picked up that may affect your driving ability, it can improve your confidence on the road and give you more knowledge with different driving conditions. If you are to pass the pass plus course, let your motor insurer know as it can reduce your chances of making a claim and it will help towards keeping your insurance quote being lower.

Increase your excess

If you choose to go for a higher excess on your motor insurance, then protect it with an excess protection policy, you may be eligible to reduce the costs of your motor insurance premium. But bear in mind that the higher the excess you choose to be liable for then the higher the cost of a claim will be before the claim will be dealt with.

Black Box Policies

When taking out an insurance policy consider taking out a policy which includes a black box as this can really contribute to keeping insurance quotes lower. A black box, also known as telematics device, uses a small device that’s installed in your vehicle and will track your driving performance. Black boxes tend to track breaking and acceleration, the higher the score, the “better” a driver you will be considered to be. Insurance companies who offer a black box policy normally provide discounts or rewards to drivers who prove themselves to be less of a hazard.

Christmas with Santa Claus in Lapland

Date Created: 01 December 2016 by Harriet Campbell

With Christmas Day only a month away we’re sure you’ll be considering what you can do to make this Christmas a special one, one of the popular Christmas season trips for the whole family is to Lapland to visit Santa and his Reindeer.

As we all know Christmas is a magical time of year for everyone, but most of all for children.  So why not spend this Christmas with Santa himself in Lapland?

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea.  Lapland is famous for its fantastic view of the Midnight Sun and Northern lights.  This means that not only is it the perfect place to keep the children entertained at Santa’s Village, but there are also fantastic attractions such as the Northern lights and dog sledding for the adults!

At affordable prices this is the ideal family holiday, ranging between £700pp and £2000pp based on a 4 day and 3-night trip.

In order to make this magical trip free of stress, consider taking out a travel insurance policy, Questor Insurance provides a travel insurance policy for families with an optional extra of winter sports cover, to ensure you are covered for any eventualities, allowing you to enjoy this trip in all its glory. This will cover you for non-competitive winter sports such as dog sledding and sleigh riding with reindeer!

The Meaning of Excess

Date Created: 29 November 2016 by Rakim A Dixon

Many of us have an insurance policy in place, but are you aware of what an ‘excess’ really is? Below is a quick guide about the meaning of excess.

What is an ‘excess’?

An excess is the measure of money you pay towards a claim that occurs, you will have to pay this even if you are not to blame for an incident, but this can be recoverable if the third party was at fault. The excess fee that you have to pay out will apply to vehicle repairs taking place after an incident has occurred, an excess fee may also apply for total write offs and theft.

What is ‘Compulsory excess’?

A compulsory excess is a fixed amount fee that is set by your insurance company. The amount can really depend on your age, what type of car you have and the type of claim you are likely to make. The compulsory excess fee can be higher for young drivers aged between 17-25 due to them being young and having less experience.

What is ‘Voluntary excess’?

A voluntary excess fee is the amount that is chosen and agreed when taking a motor insurance policy, if you agree a higher voluntary excess it can potentially bring down the insurance quote.

Here at Questor Insurance we provide a policy that will protect the excess on a private & commercial vehicle, if you want to find out more Click Here

Winter Travel Essentials

Date Created: 28 November 2016 by Harriet Campbell

Taking a Ski trip is a popular fun packed family idea this winter, so whether you’re heading to the Alps or up to the Scottish Highlands, here are some of our tips to help you along the way to make your trip all the more enjoyable.

Skiing travel tips

  • Pack lots of socks and pants, layers keep you warm, and it’s always ideal to have spare!
  • Also include more than one pair of thermals to wear under your ski wear.
  • A flask, this will save you money instead of stopping at cafés for hot chocolates!
  • Sun tan lotion, yes sun tan lotion. Despite the typical freezing whether associated with a ski trip it is still possible to get sun burn, as the sun will reflect of the snow and you might end up with some ski goggle tan lines.
  • Oh and don’t forget some sun lotion lip balm to prevent chapping!
  • It can be an idea to wear your ski jacket and boots during the flight, this makes packing lighter and easier meaning you won’t be shivering the second you set foot out of the plane!
  • Don’t forget those travel adaptors for the hairdryer, straighteners and curlers. It may be a skiing trip but sometimes girls still want to look good (and of course to charge your phones). Why not purchase our Gadget Insurance to protect your phone from any holiday related mishaps? That way you can document your holiday with all the beautiful snow with peace of mind.
  • When packing make sure to roll your clothes instead of folding, it’s also helpful to roll things such as underwear into a shirt in order to save space in your luggage.
  • And of course don’t forget the all-important ski equipment.

Lastly don’t forget to enjoy!

Top Black Friday Gadget Deals

Date Created: 25 November 2016 by Rakim A Dixon

So Black Friday is finally here, shoppers have already started to head onto the streets and shopping centres, this year there are some great gadget deals that can be found online, so here is our top gadget picks this Black Friday.

Games Consoles

  • PlayStation Console 500GB Slim Uncharted 4 Fixed Pack with FIFA 17 and NOW TV 2 Month Sky Cinema Pass, only £199.99 from
  • Xbox One S 500GB FIFA 17 with Forza Horizon 3, Tomb Raider and a NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass, only £229.99 from
  • Nintendo Wii U Console Mario Kart 8 Premium Bundle, only £237.49 from


  • HP 15-ay170sa 15.6" Laptop with Latest 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i3 processor, now on offer at for £349.00
  • HP 15-ay168sa 15.6" Laptop with Latest 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, now on offer at for £499.00
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3-Inch Tablet with Keyboard - (Intel Core M3-6Y30, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage, Windows 10) only £549.99 from saving 31%


  • Sharp LC-49CFG6001K Smart Full HD 49 Inch LED TV with Freeview HD, now only £199.00 from
  • Samsung UE49K6300 49 Inch Smart Curved WiFi Built In Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD, now only £449.00 from
  • LG 60UH605V 60 inch 4K Ultra HD, HDR Pro, Smart TV, now only £799.99 from


  • Amazon Echo, a hands-free speaker you control with your voice, save 20% today on only £119.99
  • PNY Curve 10400 Portable Power Bank, now only £9.99 on saving you £20.00
  • Beats by Dr. Dre Studio 2.0 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones, only £129.00 from

If you make any great purchases this Black Friday weekend don’t forget to take out a gadget insurance policy. Here at Questor Insurance we offer a gadget policy that will cover Theft, Accidental Damage, Loss or Liquid Damage (our policy may not cover some of the above items), why not get a quote -  Click Here

Top 10 Vegan Restaurants Around the World

Date Created: 08 November 2016 by Kim Coppins

VeganThere are many reasons for living by a vegan diet, some medical, some due to personal taste preferences and others respecting personal beliefs. No matter why you choose a vegan diet it’s important to find great places to eat out with a great selection of food. It’s important to remember that vegan is quite different to vegetarian, and it’s not safe to assume somewhere that does vegetarian food can prepare vegan dishes. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good vegan restaurant while travelling the world, that is why we have put together a list of some great vegan places to visit on your travels.

Loving Hut – England and Worldwide

With restaurants located in London, Brighton, Norwich and many others around the world, you have plenty of locations to choose from. The loving Hut is a completely vegan friendly franchise which serves a great range of vegan Chinese food with the aim of supporting the environment. You can choose from dining out in the Loving Hut or opting for a take away to eat in your own home or travel accommodation.


Wild Ginger Pan- Asian Vegan Café – New York

Located in Brooklyn New York, The wild Ginger Pan-Asian restaurant offers a large selection of Authentic Pan-Asian vegan dishes. Some of the options on offer include soups, salads, noodles, a number of dishes and great selection of desserts and smoothies, there is something for almost everyone.


Coox and Candy – Germany

Coox and Candy is a unique vegan restaurant found in Germany. The restaurant serves a mixture of vegan choices available to take away and to self-serve! If you’re not looking for a full meal and want to opt for something a bit lighter their coffee shop is a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy a slice of cake.


Funky Pies – Australia

Using only plant based ingredients Funky Pies offers a selection of tasty sweet and savoury pies, a handful of sweet treats and a selection of vegan supplies to stock your cupboards at home. Funky pies have the mission of not only creating awareness around animal rights but also surrounding human rights while supporting local charities. If you fancy a trip to Funky pies head over to Bondi NSW Australia!


Real Food Daily - California

As featured in the Vegetarian Times Magazine, Real Food Daily has been serving a plant based creative and balanced menu since 1993. All dishes served by Real Food Daily are free from meat, dairy, eggs, butter, cholesterol, saturated fats and pesticides. From Burritos to burgers the menu has something for everyone to choose from.


Bon – Taito-ku in Japan

Bon is a Buddhist vegan restaurant which is quietly situated in Taito-Ku in Japan. The restaurant serves a range of vegan only imaginative dishes, attractive to the eye and appealing to the pallet. Being a traditional Japanese style restaurant you should expect to leave your shoes at the door and fall in love with the authentic culture.


Kao’s - Sweden

If you’re visiting Sweden be sure to take a visit to Kao’s for a specular vegan meal. Kao’s offers great vegan food free from unnecessary additives and made from fresh organic ingredients. While offering an A La Carte Menu and a buffet there is plenty of opportunity to try as many dishes as you like, all while situated in a friendly cosy environment.


Green Point – Peru

Established in 2013 Green Point is the only 100% vegan restaurant in Cusco, Peru. The establishment offers a different set lunch menu everyday including a salad buffet, soup, a choice from 2 mains and a desert. The main aim of Green Point is to help change the perspective of vegan food showing it can be exciting and taste great.


42 Degrees – Paris

42 Degrees is the first 100% raw food restaurant in France, serving only vegan and gluten free dishes. Not only is the name modern and appealing, but there is real thought behind it as all food prepared within the restaurant is heated to a maximum of 42 degrees. The reason for this is when cooking food at any temperature above 42 degrees most of the natural nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are destroyed.


Soju – Santiago

Located in the capital of Chile, Soju offers many spectacular dishes which you almost wouldn’t believe are vegan friendly. Offering a great selection of mains and deserts everyday there is something for everyone to try, even if they aren’t a vegan. With a great rating on trip advisor suggesting potion sizes are generous, prices are good and the staff are friendly it would be a shame not to give this little resultant a try.


Some of the above restaurants’ tickled your taste buds? If you do decide to visit some of the best vegan restaurants around the world don’t forget to purchase comprehensive travel insurance. Visit our website or contact a member of our team today on 0333 323 0090 to find out how our travel insurance can cover you.

A Guide to Hitting the Slopes for Beginners

Date Created: 02 November 2016 by Kim Coppins

Skiing and snowboarding can be great fun, however it can be dangerous without an understanding of the mountains, a couple of safety rules and some basic etiquette. Whether it be skiing for the first time or you are relatively new to the ski scene, skiing can be over whelming and in some cases quite nerve wrecking. Take a look below at some simple tips to help you feel more confident and relaxed about hitting the slopes for the first time.

Be PrepareSkid

Before you leave be prepared and do some research on your chosen destination. Find out useful information such as contact details for your accommodation, information regarding your travel insurance policy and local emergency contact details.

Get Active

The more active you are before your holiday, the easier it will be to get using those skiing/snowboarding muscles. To make the most of your skiing experience we recommend improving your activity level before travelling so you aren’t as worn out when you start.

What to Wear

When visiting the mountains it’s important to wear lots of layers to keep you well insulated and warm. When choosing clothing make sure to look for clothing which will keep you warm, let your skin breath as well as being waterproof. Take a look below at some examples of the items you may need to pack:

  • Base layer such as thermal under where
  • Mid layer e.g. long sleeve top and leggings
  • Ski Jacket and trousers or salopettes
  • Warm socks
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Scarf or gullet
  • Helmet
  • Goggles/ Sunglasses


Whether you choose to ski or snowboard, equipment is very important. Winter sports equipment can often be expensive, especially if you are not sure how often you will be going or even if winter sports is your thing. The good thing is you can hire equipment at your chosen destination, this way you will get to try the equipment as well as not have to worry about travelling to your destination with a bulky set of skis or snowboard. When selecting hire equipment, ensure that they are the correct size for you and that they are well serviced with no visible damage.

It is important to take care and not rush when selecting a pair of ski boots, you will be wearing these four your duriation, so it is important to not grab the first pair you find. Whether you choose to hire a pair of boots or purchase yourself a pair, try on a few and see what feels comfortable. To know if your boots fit correctly attempt the below:

  • Bend your knees and then try to lift each heel of the ground
  • Move each foot putting your heel then toes to the ground. Make sure to take note if your foot is moving to the front and back of the boot.

If your feet move during any of the above tests it means your boots do not fit correctly. Even the smallest amount of movement can cause you problems and discomfort during your trip.


Don’t just jump in! Make sure you book some lessons with a professional instructor to teach you technique and safety. If you are looking at skiing with some more experienced friends, try to arrive early so you can get a few lessons in before they arrive. Don’t push yourself too hard as you will be putting yourself at risk, travelling as fast as you can and attempting difficult ski runs can negatively affect your confidence at the least.

Never Travel Alone

A top safety tip is to never travel alone and carry the emergency contact numbers on your mobile. This way you can look out for each other and if one of you do happen to get in to trouble you will be much safer together and more prepared.

Travel Insurance

Our final tip for both skiing and snowboarding is to make sure you have travel insurance which covers the winter sports you plan to take part in. Not every travel insurance covers winter sports as standard, therefore it’s important to make sure you are covered so you are not left with large expenses if you unfortunately require to make a claim.  

Thinking about hitting the slopes for the first time? At Questor Insurance we offer annual and daily winter sports travel cover for affordable prices. Want to find out more about Questor Insurance winter sports cover click here to visit our website or contact us on 0333 323 0090.

Questor Insurance Vehicle Hire Excess Policy is Now Underwritten by EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A

Date Created: 01 November 2016 by Kim Coppins



We are proud to announce that from the 1st November 2016 we are changing the underwriter for our vehicle hire excess policy to a World-Wide known Lloyds cover holder ‘EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A’. The decision to use EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A is part of a wider picture to improve our customer service and underwriting procedures, to ensure our company values are aligned across all elements of the service we provide.


Part of the Generali group EUROP ASSISANCE S.A are an international underwriter with 425,000 partners in 208 countries around the world. With 50 years of experience they have a culture of innovation while also incorporating the human touch across their points of contact. EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A has taken a revolutionary step to be the first international player to adopt a corporate social responsibly approach to their business, to enhance its company performance and ensure the business stays in line with its values.

What does this mean for you?

So what does changing underwriter mean for our loyal customers? In the event of a claim for vehicle hire excess policies purchased 1/11/2016 will be underwritten by EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A, any policies purchased prior 1/11/2016 will be underwritten by the underwriter specified within your policy document and certificate of Insurance. For all other policies please refer to your policy document for further information regarding your underwriter and how to make a claim

If you have any questions regarding the underwriter of your policy don’t hesitate to send us an email to and a member of our team will happily be in touch.

Best Travelling Apps

Date Created: 27 October 2016 by Kim Coppins

GadgetThe advances in technology have made travelling much easier and help to reduce those stressful elements. One of the greatest advances, is the development of smart-phones, these day’s smart-phones are often affordable and always within hands reach. There are number of smart-phone apps available on the market to help reduce travel stressors and find ways to enhance your travels. Take a look below at some of our top apps to download to help enhance your travels.

App in the Air

App in the Air is your own little personal flight assistant in your pocket. The App gives you great updates about your flight, information on your flight status, waiting times and even airport tips. The app is available to download for both Apple and Android users, with a free or premium version.

Cities Talking

Cities Talking is a great app if you are fairly new to a destination or visiting it for the first time. The app provides a selection of walking guided tours for most European cities. Using your devices GPS, the app knows where you enabling you to travel the city without Wi-Fi or a data connection!


Available to download from iTunes and the Google Play store, Expensify is a great app to help you keep track of all your expenses on the go. Using the app, you can cleverly scan all your receipts and summarise your spending at the end of any trip.

Gas Buddy

The perfect app for those of you who love to hire a car on your travels. With Gas Buddy you can take away the stress of having to find the next fuel stop in an unfamiliar area, the app can not only help you find where the next gas stop is, but can help you save money by finding the cheapest fuel.

Google Trips

Relatively new to the market and available for free on both Apple and Android devices, Google Trips is a great addition to any travellers pocket. Google Trips allows you to bundle reservations, find nearby attractions, customise itinerary’s and get recommendations based on your search history.

Stop Breath & Think

Travelling isn’t always stress free, that is why Stop Breath & Think is such a great travel companion. At Questor Insurance we love the personalisation of the app depending on your mood, recommending mediation to calming walks. If you decide this isn’t the meditation app for you, there are plenty of others to try many offering different features.

* When downloading mobile and tablet applications always ensure you download them from a reputable source designed for your device e.g. iTunes and Google Play.

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Most Unique Holiday Souvenirs

Date Created: 24 October 2016 by Kim Coppins

TravelWhether it’s for yourself or a loved one, choosing a holiday souvenir can be great fun. But where do you start if you want to choose something a bit different from the typical magnets, keychains t-shirts and pens? Take a look below at some of the more interesting and unique souvenir ideas which you can take back from your holiday.

Something Specific from the Country

Consider purchasing a gift or souvenir which is specific to the country you are visiting. Some countries are known for set items or delicacies, many of which can make great souvenirs or gifts. An example of this is that Argentina is well known for its leather goods, so pick yourself or your loved one up a new leather wallet or a classy pair of shoes. Don’t forget Spain and Greece are both famous for their olives and olive oil, Ireland for whisky and Italy for traditional Venetian masks These are just a few of the country specific gifts you can purchase on your travels, when visiting other countries around the world don’t forget to keep an eye out for great specific gifts.

Budding Artist

Homemade souvenirs can be exceptionally sentimental and meaningful. If you’re a budding artist or just have a creative streak, paint or sketch a picture of something memorable from the holiday (don’t forget to give it your own edge and choose a style right for you). Not so good at drawing, however better with the camera? Get some picturesque or quirky snaps and put them in some great looking frames, simple yet perfect!

Jewelry or Trinkets

Jewelry doesn’t always have to be expensive, sometimes a small token piece of jewelry or trinket can be exceptionally meaningful and one of the most perfect souvenirs for a loved one. Our top tip is to pick up a small piece of jewelry which will be meaningful to your loved one and present it to them when you’re back on the plane on your way home.

Seasonal items

Small seasonal souvenirs can last a lifetime and will always remind you of your holiday during that season. For examples, if you visit a destination during the Christmas months or season pick up a special Christmas decoration for your tree or home, this way every Christmas you will be reminded of happy memories.

What not to buy

There are some souvenirs which are best to avoid for a number of reason. At Questor Insurance we advise avoiding any souvenir which may have a negative impact on the environment or the country you are travelling too e.g. avoid anything ivory, coral, items made of animals or anything which could be considered illegal. We would advise picking something meaningful or useful rather than generic items such as plastic keyrings or t-shirts, many of these sorts of items are often thrown away or not used.

Received a great holiday souvenir this year or just have some great holiday souvenir ideas which you would love to give or receive? We would love to hear them, send us a tweet and a picture to @Questorins

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The World’s Most Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

Date Created: 19 October 2016 by Kim Coppins

CouplePlanning the perfect honey moon can be nearly as stressful as planning the wedding itself. There are so many destinations and activities to choose from when selecting a honey moon it can be easy to become overwhelmed with so many choices. Take a look below for some of the top luxury destinations to help you narrow down your destination list.

Aruba is a small Caribbean Island (20 miles long and 6 miles wide) located off the coast of Venezuela. The weather is warm all year round ranging from mid-twenties to thirties, however it is advisable to not plan your honey moon in the hurricane season. One of the advantages of Aruba is that with the intimate nature of the island you have the chance to experience calm waters, soft white sands and dramatic wild landscapes all within one beautiful island. if you enjoy getting close to nature and hiking? Make sure you visit Aroik National Park where you can explore abandoned gold mines, ruins and discover ancient painting and fossils.



Buzzing with culture and plenty of things to see and do, Jamaica is a popular honeymoon destination for many couples. Jamaica has something to offer for everyone, whether it be its tranquil tropical beaches, relaxing havens, or lively culture and parties there’s bound to be something that takes you and your partners interest. One of the most attractive things about Jamaica is its exciting and lively culture, from music, parties, dance and food Jamaican culture and traditions are found everywhere.

Jamaica is home to many romantic attractions and hotspots, some of the most popular include Dunns River Fall and Park, Glistening Waters, Hope Botanical Gardens, Island Routes Adventure, Mystic Mountain and Rockland Bird Sanctuary.



Looking for a luxury honeymoon with plenty to offer? Then look no further. Visit Greece or one of the many Greek Islands to have a truly memorable honeymoon. Greece boasts inspirational architecture, sun kissed beached, plenty of restaurants and plenty of activities all which will help make your honeymoon more magical. Greece is a highly sort after destination therefor we advise not visiting during the peak season months (mid-July to the end of August).

If you fancy a more private honeymoon destination take a look at some of the Greek Islands all of which have their own unique features. If you’re looking for a picturesque location with great views we recommend visiting either Santorini or Symi,Zakynthos is great for beaches and golden sands, Delos is great for couple who love culture and history and Crete is perfect for those foodies.



Mexico might surprise you in being one of the most romantic destinations to visit, however with its rich history, variety of cuisine, top rated hotels and plenty of activities to get involved in both relaxing and more adventures you might be pleasantly surprised. If you enjoy embarking on an adventure, we recommend snorkeling and scuba diving off Cozumelas well as enjoying a private picnic or dinner on the beach!


Can’t choose?

Can’t choose a holiday destination? Why not consider a luxury cruise, this way you will be able to visit a number of destinations all in one holiday. Select a cruise with an itinerary which matches both your interests, you may not wish to disembark at every stop however at least you will have the option to visit destinations which appeal to you both. Our top honeymoon cruise tip is to book a couple’s spa treatment or massage, make sure you you book early as couples massages sell out quickly!

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Save money when renting a car by taking your own gadgets and accessories

Date Created: 16 October 2016 by Kim Coppins

DashWhen hiring a car or other type of vehicle is things can quickly start to add up, however there are ways to reduce your costs so that you have more money to spend on your holiday. When possible we recommend using the below tips to help you save money and have a more comfortable trip.

Navigational Device
Hiring a satnav can sometimes be nearly as expensive as purchasing your own! We recommend taking your own satnav device with your or downloading a navigation app to your smart phone. If you do choose to take your own navigation device make sure it is fully up to date and supports navigation in the country you are traveling too (there is nothing worse than finding out you don’t have the right map!). Not only will this work out cheaper, but you will have a chance to get used to the device before your travels, so you don’t have to worry about learning how to use a new one while on the road.

Chargers and Audio Accessories
Being able to listen to your own music, or able to charge your phone while driving are small luxuries which can help improve your car hire experience. Having to buy or hire chargers for your devices or audio accessories can work out expensive, save money by packing these before you travel! Top tip: before you leave for your travels always check you have packed the correct chargers and adapters for your gadgets, save time by packing these in an easy accessible location in your hand luggage.

Child Car and Booster Seats
Having to hire a child car or booster seat can be costly, but more importantly may not always be in the best condition leaving you with safety concerns about your little traveller. We recommend in order to put your safety concerns at rest, when possible travel with your own car or booster seat. If you do choose to take your own child seat on your next trip always contact the car rental company prior to ensure your seat will fit correctly in the hire vehicle and complies with driving rules within your travel destination.

Fuel Charges
Not quite an accessory tip, however a great way to help save money on your car hire. Many car rental companies charge for returning a hire car with an empty fuel tank (in many cases this is much higher than the standard cost of fuel in your chosen destination). Unless your hire vehicle comes with a free tank of fuel as part of the contact, we advise filling your tank up before returning the hire vehicle.

Why not tell us by tweeting us @Questorins what gadgets and accessories you always pack to make your car hire journeys more comfortable.

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