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Holidaymakers stung by small print and huge deposits on care hire services

Date Created: 22 September 2017 by Questor Insurance

Travellers are being charged hundreds of pounds to cover additional fees that were placed within the small print of their car hire contracts.

Sky-high deposits of up to £4,600 and additional fees – including refuelling or late vehicle return – are being charged to travellers after being included in the small print of contracts.

This is not uncommon but issues arise as some of the contracts can be up to 31,000 words long and the payment clauses can easily missed by travellers.

An investigation from Which? looked at more than 40 car hire contracts from 18 providers in the UK and abroad and found that complicated documentation was common right across the industry.

Hiking up deposit costs was also common practice among companies, and one of the worst examples showed that Goldcar had increased one of theirs in Malta to €2,500 – an increase of €1,300 from 2015.

Del Paso – a Spanish car hire company – meanwhile were charging one of the highest deposits, requiring travellers to cough up as much as €5,000.

Traffic jams could also have travellers reaching into their pockets, as many faced additional charges when a vehicle was returned more than 29 minutes late. Some UK companies were found to have set a £12 fee, as well as the cost of an extra day’s car hire.

The investigation is just one of a number that point towards over charging within the car hire industry, after Europcar was accused of overcharging customers for repairs earlier in the year.

Another investigation found that some companies had been urging customers into purchasing excess insurance, even though they were already covered.

Goldcar was also accused of increasing the cost for petrol and diesel, whilst several other companies bumped up the price for hiring at the airport instead of online.

In order to combat the possibility of any unexpected costs when hiring a car abroad, Rory Boland, travel editor of Which?, has urged travellers to read their contracts through carefully.

He said: “Few people have the time or inclination to read these lengthy, clunky contracts. Alarmingly, this could lead to consumers being slapped with steep, unexpected charges that can ruin a trip.”

If you’re set to hire a car in the near future, you may want to consider car hire excess insurance to provide protection in the event of needing to make a claim – get a quote today and see if you could save. 

How can you avoid being scammed by a rental car company

Date Created: 18 August 2017 by Questor Insurance

CarKey1Investigations have shown that hiring a vehicle for your holiday can be filled with potential trouble, as companies look for ways to add extra costs and charges to your bill.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid hiring one altogether, as having a vehicle at your disposal during your holiday provides the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Knowing what to look out for and how to avoid being lumped with extra charges can therefore help you to make the most of your time-off!

1)      Give yourself plenty of time

As with anything, the more time you give yourself to find the right deal, the better off you will be. Leaving everything to the last minute is only going to cost you more, as prices will rise the closer you get to your departure date.

Some extra time will also allow you to have a proper look at the deals on offer – the key is to remember that the lowest price does not always guarantee the best car hire service. Some policies will come with a mileage limit, whilst some will only accept the vehicle back if there is a full tank of fuel, so make sure you read the small print.

2)      Keep things simple

If you’re looking to save money on your car hire, then the basic package is the way to go. Car rental firms often try to add charges through add-ons or by charging a premium for excess cover, so make sure you look to avoid these by keeping your hire plan as simple as possible.

On-airport operators can often be the best option; not only are they convenient but you can also find deals where hire car is included within your holiday package, meaning a lot of the hard work is done for you.

3)      Get your own cover

Vehicle and excess insurance can often be an afterthought when it comes to holiday rental, but you can save a great deal of money and hassle by doing it yourself. When you rent a vehicle, the price generally includes cover for a major crash or injury, but will leave you with the bill for any small damage such as scratches or scrapes.

You can avoid paying this by getting yourself fully covered by an independent insurance provider – plan in advance and they should be able to ensure you are fully covered no matter what you plan on getting up to.

If you’re thinking of hiring a car abroad this year, be sure to organise your vehicle hire insurance in advance

Brits forced to deal with extra charges for Spanish car rentals

Date Created: 15 August 2017 by Questor Insurance

Key1British travellers who hire cars in Spain are being lumped with additional fuel charges and excess waiver insurance, according to an investigation.

Carried out by MoneyMail, the study found that car hire firms have been adding extra costs at rental desks and are even pressuring customers into buying excess insurance, even if they are already covered.

Goldcar was found to have overstated the cost of petrol and diesel in the investigation, whilst both Thrifty and Budget quoted hugely inflated prices for rental on the day.

A number of companies were involved in the report, which took place at Malaga Airport, including Firefly – owned by Hertz – and Europcar.

Travellers who rent a car and end up damaging it have to pay an excess for any repairs needed, which usually comes to around a few hundred pounds. However, many rental firms at major holiday destinations have driven those costs up to around £1,000.

As a result, travellers have chosen to take out excess waiver insurance through a third party before departing on their trip to avoid paying out such a huge sum.

The results of the investigation come just a few days after travellers were being caught out by misleading repair practices, which have driven up the cost of holiday car hire and insurance.

A number of companies including Enterprise, Hertz, Budget and Avis also revealed that they did not always fix the minor damage that they had charged drivers for.

However, the firms involved insist that they agree on a lower price when they rent the vehicle because of the damage.

The investigation shows the need for travellers to think ahead and to make sure they have the right cover in place when hiring a car, motorhome or motorcycle.

Drivers should consider exactly what cover they need, and should be prepared to stand their ground if offered additional extras that they do not believe are required.

If you’re thinking of hiring a car abroad, be sure to organise your vehicle insurance in advance 

It’s Questor Insurance’s 10th Anniversary!

Date Created: 01 August 2017 by Questor Insurance

cakesBeing the brainchild of Andrew Lawrence our CEO, Questor Insurance was launched in August 2007!  Starting from humble beginnings, Questor Insurance is now a successful insurance intermediary employing almost 30 members of staff operating on a global scale.

Our main product offering still remains Car Hire Excess Insurance, but over the years many additions have been added to the portfolio including Travel Insurance, Motor Excess and Gadget.

Throughout the month of August, we have lots planned to celebrate our first decade!  We have online competitions on our social media channels as well as an exclusive 10% saving via our website when using our anniversary code!  Get saving and celebrate with us this month!

Thank you for all your support and custom over the past 10 years, we are excited what the next decade will bring and hope you will be part of our journey.

From all the team at Questor Insurance.

Summer getaway still a priority amongst British travellers

Date Created: 06 June 2017 by Questor Insurance

Sand1Online spending on travel is expected to continue to grow this summer, after the market recorded a strong start to the year.

The Adobe Digital Index (ADI) 2017 Online Travel Industry Report revealed 14% year-on-year growth for the period of January to March 2017 in online travel.

Meanwhile international and domestic flight reservations made by UK travellers have nearly doubled since January 2015.

Across Europe, online travel spend for hotels and flights is expected to hit nearly €70 billion (c. £61 billion) this year, with the summer months accounting for €19 billion (c. £16.5 billion) of that total.

The figures show that cruises have benefited the most from traveller’s increased spending, with cruise website visits doubling over the course of the last three years.

Spain continues to be an extremely popular summer holiday destination for Brits, closely followed by Italy and Ireland, while those preferring a long-distance break tend to opt for the US and Canada.

Data from the report also shows that the best time to book a flight for a holiday is 36 days before, no matter the destination.

In terms of hotels, booking 29 days in advance was shown to give travellers the best price on their stay.

Interestingly, many decided to travel to tick off a country from their bucket list or to experience a different culture, rather than simply relaxing.

Social media is playing an important part in determining where travellers visit, with the term ‘travel’ mentioned 14 million times a month on average.

Travel companies are also turning to new technologies to attract more customers, with many opting to use virtual reality to showcase popular destinations.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality had a 13% year-on-year increase in holiday mentions, and references to wearables – such as the Princess Cruise’s Ocean Medallion wristband – increased by 44%.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your last-minute travel insurance in advance 

Disney unveils plans for first official Star Wars themed hotel

Date Created: 08 May 2017 by Questor Insurance

Disney unveils plans for first official Star Wars-themed hotel

Disney has unveiled plans to open the world’s first official Star Wars-themed hotel at its Walt Disney World Orlando resort.

An important part of the new Star Wars Land theme park, which is scheduled to open in 2019, the hotel is set to be built in the image of the famous Millennium Falcon spaceship.

Those who decide to stay in the hotel will be able to take part in some narrative events as they develop, including mixing with various characters from the film who will be walking in the corridors and public areas.

Guests will also be given secret missions which will involve them completing tasks either ‘on board’ (in the hotel), or ‘on planet’ (in the theme park).

The hotel will include a fitness centre, Water Park and pool area, while meals will be served in a canteen by droid butlers with live music taken from the popular films.

Rooms will be available for up to four people and will feature windows that give occupiers views of the galaxy.

Available for only two nights, rooms will cost around £700 to £780 per person, and will include all meals and admission to the theme park.

Spread out over 14 acres, Star Wars land is the company’s joint-largest single-theme land expansion, with the other being a similar Star Wars theme park at Disneyland Park in California.

Details about the hotel were revealed at an annual fan gathering to celebrate Star Wars, but fans will have to wait until 2019 to visit, as the hotel will be opened in conjunction with the release of Star Wars Episode 9, the final film in the trilogy.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said: “These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet.”

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your long-haul travel insurance in advance

Use your brain to make your holiday last longer

Date Created: 13 April 2017 by Questor Insurance

The human brain can be easily fooled when it comes to how quickly time goes by and now a neuroscientist has suggested new ways that we can all make our holidays seem to last longer.

A growing body of evidence suggests this trick can be pulled off and David Eagleman, a best-selling author as well as the scientist in question, has set out how to do it in his essay 'Brain Time'.

Temporal illusions

“Time perception, just like vision, is a construction of the brain – and shockingly easy to manipulate,” he suggests. “We all know about optical illusions, in which things appear different from how they really are; less well known is the world of temporal illusions.”

A temporal illusion is anything that distorts our perception of time and the good news is they are all around us. “When you begin to look for temporal illusions, they appear everywhere,” Eagleman says.

When experiencing something extraordinary, different and exciting, perception of time slows down and there is now plenty of research to support this claim. So an active holiday spent bungee jumping, skydiving or snorkelling will seem to last longer than if you simply lounge around the pool.


However, there is still good news for holidaymakers who are looking for something more relaxing to last longer. Dr Steve Taylor, a lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, believes there is another way to slow down our perception of time by paying conscious attention to the experiences we are having.

“Time perception is related to information processing so the more information our minds and our senses take in, the slower time seems to go,” Dr Taylor explains.

The unfamiliarity of new experiences slows down our perception so even walking around a new city can work, as long as you make a conscious effort to be aware of your surroundings. This is called mindfulness.

“We only get a certain amount of holiday each year so it’s very important to make them last as long as possible and expand our time perception as much as we can,” adds Dr Taylor.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year and thinking of hiring a car? Be sure to organise your Car Hire Excess Insurance in advance.

Fleet Insurance

Date Created: 24 March 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

Questor Insurance are pleased to announce the launch of a fantastic new product, Motor Fleet Excess Protection Insurance, the policy will cover the ‘excess’ amount on a Motor fleet insurance policy. Have a read below for some information on the policy.

Our Motor Fleet Excess Protection Insurance policy will protect the excess on a motor fleet insurance policy, this will cover up to the maximum of 30 vehicles with an aggregate limit up to £10,000 all under one policy. 

With our Motor Fleet Excess Protection Insurance its simple, in the event of an incident where you have to make a claim we will reimburse the excess providing the excess amount is equal to or greater than the total excess amount on your main motor fleet insurance policy.

So what are the policy premiums? See below:

Motor Fleet Excess Insurance

Annual aggregate limit

Maximum number of vehicles



















You are eligible to purchase this policy if:

a. You are permanently resident in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

b. You have a current and valid UK driving licence or hold a fully internationally recognised driving licence.


Vehicles covered under the Fleet Excess policy

a) PRIVATE MOTOR also called a car (not being an invalid carriage) which is constructed for the carriage of passengers and their effects and is adapted to carry no more than seven passengers.

b) BUSINESS CAR (not being an invalid carriage) constructed for the carriage of passengers and their effects and is adapted to carry no more than seven passengers that is used for personal and/or commercial business.

c) MOTORCYCLE (also called a motor bicycle or motorbike) which is constructed with two-wheels and powered by an engine

d) COMMERCIAL VEHICLE not exceeding an uploaded weight of 44 metric tonnes being used for transporting goods and/or persons



This insurance has been arranged by Strategic Insurance Services Limited with UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE, Registered in England No.SE000083. Registered Office: Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3AJ.

Strategic Insurance Services Limited and UK General Insurance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you would like one of the Questor Insurance team to contact you about this policy, then please let us know and we will be more than happy to provide you with information. Click Here for our contact information.

Best Western urges customers to book direct for best deals

Date Created: 21 March 2017 by Questor Insurance

With the travel industry still struggling to adapt to the changes in customer behaviour brought about by the internet, a major franchise hotel group has now told customers to book direct and bypass agents.

As if the emergence of sites such as Airbnb and the constant efforts of airlines to encourage passengers to take a DIY approach wasn't enough, Best Western Great Britain’s new campaign could change the way even more people book their breaks and holidays.


As international travellers get more used to booking their own flights and hotels direct with the providers, Best Western are launching a national UK marketing drive aimed at encouraging customers looking for a staycation to do the same.

The 'Better Book Direct' campaign from the franchise hotel group is designed to let customers know they can get the lowest prices in the market by booking directly via its website, by using the company's call centre or directly contacting the hotels.

Reward loyal customers

Sarah Fussey, Director of marketing at Best Western said: “HSBC's recent report on the Anatomy of the Consumer states that 51% of people asked say they think booking through an online travel agent presents them with the best deal.

“What's frustrating is that that we know this is isn't the case and that's a perception that our Better Book Direct campaign is looking to break.”

Best Western is Great Britain's largest collection of independent hotels, and as part of its efforts to match products and services with customers, it has introduced new 'Rewards Rates' to give direct bookers discounted rates which are unavailable elsewhere in the market.

Customers who want to make bookings using the Rewards Rates will need to become Rewards members and they can then also earn points for rewards including free night stays.

If you’re thinking of travelling this year, be sure to organise your Travel Insurance in advance.

Travel Extras

Date Created: 14 March 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

We have teamed up with Holiday Extras to offer you great savings on all your must have travel extras. So, let us take the hassle out of planning your next trip away!

Options include airport parking and car hire to airport lounges, resort transfer and hotels. Why not take the opportunity to book your insurance with us, one of the market leaders for car hire excess insurance and then book your travel extras with our market leading partner Holiday Extras…? You’ll definitely be in safe hands.

When you book you holiday, you expect everything to run to go smoothly. However, there’s a lot more than the flights and hotel to consider. For example, if you’re driving the family to the airport with your luggage in the back, where will the car be parked while you're away on holiday? Airport parking is definitely not something to leave to the last mminiute as prices can rocket, for the best discounts and a guaranteed space near the terminals you are set to fly from, it should be booked at the same time as the flights. 

Why not head over to our Travel Extras page now to get a quote!

So, what do we offer?

Airport Hotels – start your trip at the airport

Airport Parking – Save up to 60% on airport car parks

Airport Lounges – relax at the airport in style

Car Hire – Great savings on car hire

Resort Transfers – Hassle free transfers

Top tip for nervous flyers - choose a big aircraft

Date Created: 08 March 2017 by Questor Insurance

Although the trend for airports located in smaller cities or places with short runways has revolutionised tourism, for nervous flyers feeling every bump and movement of a smaller aircraft can be unsettling.

A smooth or rough takeoff can be influenced by many factors, including weather conditions and pilot skill, but the CEO of Safety Operating Systems, Captain John Cox, says the laws of physics and the design of the airplane itself have the most impact.

“Pilots can make some difference,” Captain Cox explained, “But the takeoff procedures are rigid, making pilot differences pretty small.”

Shape, size and weight

How much lift an aircraft is capable of depends on its shape, size and weight, together with the speed it can achieve.

“Large airplanes have more mass, they weigh more and, therefore, accelerate slower,” says Cox, before going on to point out that this ability for a slower acceleration can result in a lift-off that feels smoother.

Another reason a large plane can make a smoother ascent in the skies is because it has more engines. Most large commercial airplanes have four and smaller planes usually manage with two.

“Large four-engine airplanes climb slower than modern twin jets,” Cox says. ”With a four-engine airplane there are three other engines to provide thrust for the climb, in a twin there is only one. This means that twin jets have a higher power-to-weight ratio than three or four engine jets.”

Tricks of the mind

It isn't all just physics, as Cox also suggests a visual trick may help the perception of a smoother takeoff because passengers are further away from the ground, sitting higher on a larger plane than on a smaller one.

Comparing the experience to a ground level one of going the same speed on a bus or a low-slung sports car, Cox thinks that in a small plane your eyes trick your brain into feeling takeoff is more intense.

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The best sporting events that mean you can see the world in 2017

Date Created: 27 January 2017 by Questor Insurance

While last year was a hugely successful one for British sport, 2017 promises to include just as many exciting opportunities to watch the best stars across the globe.

Although 2016 will be tough to replicate (England Rugby, Team GB at the Olympics and Andy Murray were just some of the success stories), here are a few of the events that we can look forward to – and all of them provide some fantastic holiday opportunities too.

The Alpine World Ski Championships

Held every two years at stunning locations around the globe, the Alpine World Ski Championships brings together some of the very best from the worlds of downhill, super G and slalom to name but a few disciplines.

If you’re keen to catch a glimpse of the skiers in action, venture to St Moritz in Switzerland in the middle weeks of February. Services to Zurich are offered via EasyJet, Swiss and British Airways so there are plenty of options.

The Masters

Held at the stunning Augusta National golf course in Georgia, USA, the Masters brings together the world’s elite golfers as they do battle for the prestigious Green Jacket. More than 250,000 flock to the event each year, and just being in the area enables you to catch the buzz surrounding the famous tournament.

Getting tickets is tough and you’ll need to apply for a ballot. Should you be successful, you can rely on KLM, Virgin Atlantic or American Airlines to get you to Atlanta. There’s plenty more to Georgia than just its exceptional golf courses, with a number of canals and nature reserves just crying out to be explored.

The America’s Cup

The concept for the America’s Cup is simple – put the best sailors in the fastest boats in the world, and watch as they race against each other. The 2017 event is in Bermuda in June and promises to be a spectacular show.

British Airways is the only airline to offer direct flights to Bermuda from the UK, although you could choose to stop off somewhere on the way (most alternative routes go via Paris and JFK in New York).

You can also discover the cast iron Gibbs Hill lighthouse and the picturesque pink sands of Horseshow Bay, while the waters around the islands are ideal for snorkelling, diving, jet skiing and fishing.

The British and Irish Lions Tour

It’s nearly that time again when the best that England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland have to offer in the world of rugby come together to clash in New Zealand. Three Test matches and numerous warm up games are sure to provide plenty of entertainment, and the British and Irish Lions will be keen to replicate the successes of the 2013 tour, when they overcome Australia.

This time around, the first two Tests are taking place in Auckland and Wellington, before the teams return to Auckland for a final clash. Qatar, British Airways and Etihad all provide flights to NZ while tickets are available via the official tour website.

The Tour de France

The most famous cycle race in the world, the 21 stages of the 104th Tour de France will weave their way across parts of Germany, Belgium and France (the race starts in Dusseldorf this year and visits Verviers in Belgium as part of stage three. Brit star Chris Froome will undoubtedly be keen to defend the title he worked so hard to win in 2016.

Getting underway at the start of July, the face offers plenty of opportunities to experience the best of French culture. Flights to Dusseldorf run from Heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham if you want to watch the start, while most of France can be easily reached via plane or the Channel Tunnel.

The Ashes

It’s still a long way off, but 2017 is also an Ashes year. England will do battle with Australia in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney through November and December and will be keen to provide a vast improvement on their 5-0 loss last time Down Under. You might struggle to get tickets to see Alistair Cook, Joe Root and co., but there’s plenty to see in Australia (especially if you’re keen for a winter getaway to sunnier climes).

If you’re planning a trip overseas in the coming year, be sure to organise your long-haul travel insurance in advance

Thailand predicting record year for tourism

Date Created: 24 January 2017 by Questor Insurance

Tourism bosses in Thailand expect 2017 to be a record year, as revenues from the sector are expected to continue their meteoric rise.

Last year saw the sector rake in $46 billion, a rise of 12% from 2015, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) Sydney Director Rujiras Chatchalermkit, although 2017 is predicted to be even better.

In order to boost revenue, TAT is keen to shift the focus of the tourism sector in the country away from being a cheap destination for party-goers keen to experience the full-moon.

Instead, they wish to focus on offering a high-end tourism product that embraces the cultures and heritage of the country – part of this process has also seen TAT move from simply counting visitor numbers to measuring revenue.

Revenues are to set to receive a further boost this month as the Thailand Tourism Festival will be held in Bangkok to coincide with the Chinese New Year.

The event, between 25 and 29 January, is set to attract more than 650,000 visitors and generate upwards of $11.2 million.

TAT expects around 825,000 international visitors to travel to Thailand over the Chinese New Year, although visitor numbers from China are expected to be less this year than last.

As Thailand has never been colonized, it’s packed full of cultural and historical sites, while it’s clear blue waters, stunning beaches and fantastic cuisine provide further reasons for visiting.

It’s a country with something to suit every budget, as you can find cheap beach front settings and hostels right up to luxury hotels.

There are a number of popular destinations in Thailand, including Ko Phi Phi, renowned for its golden beaches, scuba diving, snorkelling, and crystal clear seas.

Bangkok is packed with things to see and do, but perhaps the most popular of all is the Grand Palace on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

Home to the kings of the country, the walled complex also contains the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, among other sights.

If exploring nature is more your thing, then you’ll want to visit the complex of islands that make up the Mu Ko Chang National Park.

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Five romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day 2017

Date Created: 16 January 2017 by Questor Insurance

Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, meaning it is ideally suited for a long weekend escape with your loved one. With low-season rates and fewer crowds, February can actually be the ideal time to sneak in that first great getaway of the year.

No matter how romantic you are, when it comes to travel and a holiday, there really is something out there for everyone.

New York

It may seem obvious but come 14 February there really is something for every kind of romantic in New York. Local museums offer a range of events, including star-gazing at the Hayden Planetarium, or you can sample the city’s best restaurants and bars instead.

For something a little more extravagant, you could visit the Bronx estate, overlooking the Hudson, where Wave Hill is hosting a classic chocolate and wine tasting event on Valentine’s Day.


The City of Love is the perfect destination for a romantic long weekend. You can take part in the five-mile Love Run, where partners are tied together at the wrist and have to face challenges along the way.

If you would rather keep things civilised then take in the scenery of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities before enjoying one of the city’s many hotels.


With its canals and bridges, Amsterdam can give Venice a run for its money when it comes to the ideal Valentine’s Day location. Private Boat Tours can offer you the chance to take in the unique architecture while local favourites Puccini Bomboni or Huize van Wely offer you the chance to pick up some speciality chocolates too.


Norway is home to one of Europe’s cosiest winter retreats, Lyngen Lodge, where you can snuggle up by the fireplace and enjoy delicious local cuisine. Or, if you would prefer something more adventurous you could always take to the slopes.


Rome is the home of beauty and art, so where better to spend your Valentine’s Day weekend? You can enjoy a visit to the Ponte Milvio Bridge and take part in the ritual which involves a couple locking a padlock – their token of love – to a lamppost set on the bridge, before throwing the key into the River Tiber.

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Become an Affiliate

Date Created: 10 January 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

Own a website or blog? You could earn an extra income by becoming an affiliate of Take a look at the below article for an insight into becoming an affiliate.

Definition: An affiliate is someone who promotes a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on the sale when one occurs.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When you join an Affiliate Program suppliers provide you with a unique affiliate link that you will be able to use on your site, this link will track sales and issue any sale commission into your account. Many affiliate programs will offer content such as banners, eye catching text and other forms of creative copy. When interested customers on your site or blog click on the unique links from your site they get redirected to the suppliers site and if they purchase a product or subscribe to a service you as the affiliate/referrer will earn a commission.

Getting Started with Questor Insurance

It's simple!

  1. Click the sign up button on our affiliate page
  2. Complete the affiliate application form
  3. Await correspondence from our team
  4. Start promoting by using our banners and links from your personal Questor Insurance admin portal
  5. Get paid your affiliate commission around the 15th of every month

Why you should become part of our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is completely FREE to join and we have an in-house Affiliate Account Manager to manage our program, we will provide you with real time activity reports.

  • High commission rates
  • High conversion rates
  • We provide renewal commission
  • 365-day cookie life
  • Updated banners
  • HTML Email creative is available upon request
  • Unique content is available upon request
  • Keep track of your earnings as it occurs

The products we provide

  • Car Hire Excess Insurance
  • Motor Home and Campervan Hire Excess Insurance
  • Van & Minibus Hire Excess Insurance
  • Motor Excess Insurance for Private & Commercial Vehicles
  • Travel Insurance
  • Golfing Travel Insurance
  • Winter Sports Travel Insurance
  • Gadget Insurance - Phones, iPods, Laptops, Kindles, Sat Nav's & Games Consoles

The legal terms

Some sites aren’t quite so trustworthy, so we have to run a few checks about your company or blog before you’re approved on our Affiliate Program. We also issue you with a contract that you’ll need to sign and read, once the contact has been signed and returned we can then activate your account.  


Click Here to visit our affiliate page for more information or alternatively contact us in-house:


Telephone: 0333 323 0090

Volunteer tourism guidelines launched by ABTA

Date Created: 06 January 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

ABTA has launched the industry’s first comprehensive volunteer tourism guidelines, which have been designed to help travel businesses understand the issues and challenges that are involved for best practice in the programs they offer.

The new guidelines have been developed in consultation with a wide range of organisations, these include a variety of organisations including international travel industry and membership organisations. The guidelines aim to tackle bad practice and improve volunteer tourism standards throughout the travel industry.  

Volunteer tourism is a fairly new concept and has grown rapidly in the recent years with more than 800 companies worldwide offering volunteer tourism experiences, with 1.6 million trips being taken per year. While commonly seen as gap year activities between school and university, this only accounts for a third of all volunteering trips.

The association's Volunteer Tourism Guidelines build on the wide range of existing guidelines, with the goal of encouraging companies to reach high standards in the volunteering experiences they provide. Members are encouraged to use the new guidelines to evaluate whether the experiences they currently offer hold any risks and what they can do to work towards a better practice.

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Tips for driving in the fog

Date Created: 03 January 2017 by Rakim A Dixon

So you may be aware that the UK has recently had a lot of fog covering many areas, it’s safe to say that UK drivers are used to driving in the foggy conditions. Take a look below at a few tips that may come in useful for when you are faced with driving on a dull, foggy day.

What causes fog?

Fog is caused by moisture within the air forming very slight vapour drops, this occurs when the temperature decreases down to what is called the dewpoint. It’s likely that you will see mist or fog floating around on fields or rivers, this is because of lower ground temperature chilling the air.


  1. Reduce speed, if its foggy outside and you don’t have great visibility then it is advised to not drive fast. Keep an eye on your speed clock to make sure your speed is in accordance with the advised speed limit and your visibility. Thick fog can sometimes make you lose awareness of your speed, so it’s always a good idea to keep a close look on how fast you’re travelling.
  2. Keep your distance, fog can really reduce the visibility of vehicles that are in front of you. If the vehicle in front has to break suddenly it could take you more time to react due to the reduced visibility.  
  3. Does your car have automatic lights? Remember to check to see if your lights are on, as there could be the chance they may not automatically be on as the foggy conditions can sometimes confuse the light sensors.
  4. You must remember to not use full beam, this is because the fog reflects the light back causing the visibility to be even more reduced.


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Where to spend New Year’s Eve in the UK

Date Created: 28 December 2016 by Rakim A Dixon

On New Year’s Eve the UK comes alive with many celebrations, parties and fireworks, so with New Year’s Eve only three days away why not make going into 2017 a special one by taking a trip to one of our top three UK destinations.


Many of us have seen London come alive on New Year’s Eve either on the TV or in person, there are so many celebrations to get involved with in London from small nightclubs to spectacular balls. Thousands of people flock the streets and banks of the Thames to watch the stunning ten-minute firework display that illuminates all around the London Eye. If you find yourself in London on New Year’s day, why not take the chance to watch the New Year’s Day parade which has over 10,000 performers.


The well-known city of Brighton is the party capital of the southern coast, Brighton is becoming more and more popular for a New Year’s eve destination, if you end up in Brighton on New Year’s eve you can expect to end up in one of the many nightclubs. Going to stay in Brighton for the night? Why not take a stroll down the pier on the first day of the new year, the pier has many activities along the way.


Many of us know Manchester to be a very lively city, there is no chance of missing out on some excitement on New Year’s Eve. The wonderful bright lights of Oxford Street will light up the city centre and there will be a wide range of venues to visit where you will be able to party all the way into the new year.


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Happy Holidays

Date Created: 23 December 2016 by Rakim A Dixon


A special greeting at Christmas Time to express our appreciation for your custom with us.
We send our thanks and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Please note our office has the following opening hours for the festive period:
Closing 5pm Friday 23rd December 2016
 Re-open at 9am Wednesday 28th December 2016
New Year
Closing 5pm Friday 30th December 2016 
Re-open at 9am Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Googles top holiday destination, as searched for by you

Date Created: 16 December 2016 by Questor Insurance

A lot has happened in 2016, so if you’re looking for an escape from an overload of Brexit and Bowie, you can always rely on Google.

The search giant has revealed the top ten trending travel destinations, defined by having a high number of search queries over a sustained period of time.

So what destinations were really popular in 2016?

While searches for Havana in Cuba peaked in March and were highest for Panama in April, the following five destinations have featured heavily among searches all-year-round.

1. Maldives

Known for its glorious white sandy beaches, overwater villas and for being a paradise for newlyweds, the Maldives is often considered as the ultimate holiday destination.

Fantasising over a trip to its luxurious overwater villas doesn’t seem to have eased either, with the once-on-a-lifetime destination topping Google holiday searches again in 2016 (it probably won’t be the last time either).

2. Malaga

Spain is massively popular among Brits – nearly ten million visited in July alone – and Malaga is often considered a home from home, especially with the high number of expats that live there.

Contemporary bars and cafes are popping up everywhere and have helped to make Malaga a brilliant destination to relax and enjoy a chilled Mediterranean vibe.

3. Tenerife

Sunny in the summer, and still sunny in the winter, the island is renowned as a great holiday destination all-year-round for Brits.

Given that flights to the Canary Island take around four hours, and that there are golden beaches, waterparks and nightlife all waiting to be enjoyed, it’s easy to see why it’s popular.

4. Edinburgh

Staying closer to home, the fourth location on the list is the picturesque Scottish capital. With its rich history, stunning architecture and many secret gardens just waiting to be discovered, the city is in easy reach for many.

The castle may dominate the skyline, but there are also numerous shops and other attractions to entertain, making Edinburgh ideal for a city break, a weekend away, or as basecamp for a longer holiday.

5. New York

Just as spectacular in winter as it is in summer, the American city has plenty to enthral and excite – from its huge department stores to its high rise buildings and historical monuments.

There’s enough museums, restaurants and bars to keep you interested for days on end, so although New York is great for a weekend city break, why cram it all in to such a short space of time?

Other top performers

Canada was also a popular search destination, with its national parks, ski slopes, wildlife and lively cities all attracting Brits.

Cape Verde, Florida, Fuerteventura and Mexico completed the top ten, with the latter growing in popularity massively in the last 12 months.

If you’re planning on going abroad in the coming months, be sure to organise your world-wide travel insurance in advance.


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